The Path of Lies




They dance the dance of counterfeit smiles

Not caring of which the world beguiles

They laugh and dance and step and spin

They hide the hurt buried so deeply within

In the light of the moon they waltz to the sound

Of chirping crickets that are lying around

They spin to the sound of the rushing stream

They ignore the cries that their spirits scream

They twirl and they twirl like there is no end

Laughing and hugging while their bodies bend

This way, that way, the two pivot and gyrate

Waltzing together ahead toward their fate

And there they are grinning from ear to ear

But too ignorant to listen to a cry they won't hear

Their laughter is melodic, their movements flow

But headed toward their destruction, they do not know

They keep on lying to themselves, 'it's okay'

That yes, they'll be able to see many more days

The roar of the waterfall grows louder each step

It sounds like the many tears falling they've wept

But they ignore it in ignorant bliss

Shaking and shimmying towards death's sharp kiss

Their bodies tremble as they head toward the edge

Still not listening to the truth that had pledged

A promise to never lie again

'Because you are: my love, my friend'

But there they are, by the waterfall that sprays

Their feet meet the air but they keep dancing, unfazed

They drift and they float, suspended in the air

But no longer beautiful, for their souls lay bare

They knew this was coming, that their time would come

And suddenly realize all they had done

They'd waltzed to their destruction with nary a care

Too busy lying, trying to hide what the couldn't bear

They dizzied themselves to shun hurt away

And instead became closer to their dying day

They see their bodies falling with horrified eyes

And try to stop themselves with booming cries

Beneath them are falling two once-lovely souls

And with cascading tears realize they've no control

They're weighed down by lies, and painstakingly sink

This wouldn't happen if only they'd think

The lies they told to go on ahead

Have now resulted in two people dead

They danced in ignorance and completely false bliss

And their last waltz brought them to lives-been-dismissed

Their last dance is finished and their time is finished

And like them their lies have diminished


Farewell to the woman in the long flowing gown

Farewell to the man who could never frown

Drunk with splendor and laughter love

Suddenly gone to the heavens above

...and all because of your ignorance and lies...