If I am the temple of God,
Then everywhere I go
Is his home.
If Christ is in me,
The everything I do
Should be done as if for him.

When I cut corners at work,
Or even in life,
I'm not just deceiving my bosses,
Or those in my life,
But I am also leaving dirt
And lies in God's presence.

In all I do,
I should be giving 110 percent.
I will go
Above and beyond
And do so joyfully.

Though I may not
Like my job,
My bosses
Or my coworkers,
I will go about my tasks
With a smile.
For the more love
I show them
The more Christ's love
Has opportunity to
Work in their lives.

When life seems
As if it's never gonna
Turn around
And the only place
It's going is down.
I can have faith that
The sun will shine again.
For when I look back,
And see only
One set of footprints in the sand
I know they're from God
Carrying me
When I had no strength to go on.

Though I'm a sinner
Who constantly stumbles
And falls,
I know each mistake
I make
Is a lesson learned,
And a step towards
Making the right choice.

So when all I feel
Is despair,
And that every step
I take, is sending
Me in the wrong way
I can move on with confidence,
Knowing the Christ,
Who is perfect,
Dwells within me.
And if he who is perfect
Is part of me,
Then there is only one direction
To go when He controls
My life.

I may not be
Beautiful by the world's standards
And mayhaps, I could afford
To lose a few pounds.
But none of that matters,
For God has made me
According to HIS perspective
Of beauty.
And that is all I need.