I had just finished showering when my cell phone started to chirp from my bedroom. I hardly hurried knowing that my best friend Roy would keep calling me until I picked up.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked into the adjoining room. I shook my blonde hair as a dog would his fur and finally pressed the Speaker Phone Button.

"Hello?" I said while walking over to my closet.

"Colin, old chum. What took you?"

"I was showering, Roy. I've got to get ready for Ana tonight. Suggestions?" I asked as I fell trying to put on my boxers.

"Er, your light blue shirt – top button undone, your black business pants, white skinny tie – loose, black sports jacket, and your black business shoes. Oh and black socks."

I lay everything out and began to pull on a white t-shirt. "Thank you."

"Anytime. So how's it going with you guys? Good I hope?"

"Roylan," I said, calling him by his full name to get the point across, "it's our six month anniversary. How do you think it's going?"

"Right, right. My mistake. I was just curious."

I rolled my eyes but continued getting dressed. "Shirt tucked?"

"Hmm. Yeah, tuck it in." He paused and then added, "Oh, and wear your shiny black belt."

I stared at the phone incredulously on the bed. "Belt? Really?"

"Says everything, mate."

Sighing, I went to get it. "So what do you have planned for tonight, Roy?"

There was a pause that I figured was him thinking of a lie. "Uh, not much. What do you have planned for Ana?" I let him slide this time since I was pretty excited about what I'd gotten ready for her.

"Well, she should be getting ready right now with Callie. And I thought I'd surprise her by instead of going to the door, going up on the roof to her window."

"Like you did on your first date?"

I smiled at the memory. "Yeah." I buttoned up my shirt leaving the top one open. "I think she'd like that."

"Adorable!" he cried out.

"Shut up."

"Alright, then. I'll let you get ready. Wait, what are you doing with your hair?"

I walked over to my bathroom mirror while straightening my tie, thinking. "Leaving it as is?"

"For god sakes, comb it at least a little. You can mess it up later – if you catch my drift." I could almost hear the grin in his voice.

I shoved my feet into my shoes and started tying them. I glared at the phone. "Go play your stupid games, Roy."

"Fine, fine. Have fun, you crazy mother f—"

Yes, he's gone, I thought. Finally, I finished getting dressed for the most part and trotted down the stairs.

"Mom! I'm leaving for Ana's!" I listened for her to reply.

"Okay, honey! Have a good one!" I heard her shout from her office.

"Night!" I called out, grabbed my keys and closed the large door gently.

I drove to Ana's and looked for her light to be on. It was, so I parked down the street at the park and walked back.

Climbing her tree was difficult in dress clothes but I did get up there without her noticing.

I knew she wouldn't look over at her window so I watched her for a bit, rushing around her room. Her dark wavy hair was down, just past her shoulders – one of the ways I liked it. She was wearing a dark green dress that reached about an inch or so above her knees. It showed off her tan legs nicely. From what I could tell when she wasn't moving it was a halter-top and little beads were stitched to her mid-section. The dress was "flowy", it moved with her as she circled the room. I could see a bit of shine in one ear so I concurred that she was looking for the other earring. She'd already put on a pair of low heels – she can't walk in normal ones to save her life – that matched her dress.

"Callie already left, I guess," I mumbled to myself. Ana's makeup was done, not much to do there. She probably fought tooth and nail before putting on anything more than eyeliner and mascara.

I smiled to myself as Ana let out a victory squeal and ran over to her dresser. She attempted to put on her other earring and look her appearance over at her mirror at the same time.

I let her have a few more minutes to make sure there wouldn't be any other treasure hunts before tapping on the window.

And what I found out for just the second time since I'd known her was plainly simple: That girl can scream.

I almost fell off the roof laughing. She marched right up to the window and slapped my arm after I'd caught myself.

"Colin! What the hell, you jerk!" Ana yelled at me trying to hide her amusement. I only grinned.

"Hey, gorgeous," I said, kissing her cheek. She blushed and dragged me into her room. I don't think she'll ever believe me when I say that.

"I'm almost ready."

"I can wait," I said, smiling at her.

She smiled back and turned to her dresser one more time. I looked around her room a bit and saw that it hadn't changed much since I'd last been in it.

"I don't need anything, do I?" Ana asked, looking at me through her mirror as she fastened a necklace on.

"Nope, I've got everything we need for tonight."

Turning to me and looking me square at my "steel blue" eyes, as Ana'd once said, she asked seriously, "Up or down?"

I racked my brain for the right answer. Thinking of none, I went with my own strategic reply for times like these. "Is this a trick question?"

She rolled her honey colored eyes. "No. My hair; up or down?"

I let out a quiet sigh of relief. "Um, up?" I was still iffy about picking the right answer but as she grinned, I knew this one was satisfying to her. Plus, that was the way I liked her hair best.

After clipping her hair into a weird bun thing with a black "claw clip" as I called them, we were good to go.

"Bye guys! I'll be home later!" she called to her family and followed me to the window.

I got her to the last tree branch but now she was stuck. Ana was disbelieving when I told her I'd catch her so she stayed put, gnawing on her bottom lip.

"Jump, Ana. You think I won't catch you?"

Taking a deep breath, she nodded warily. She hopped down and I was there to catch her.

"See?" I told her smugly.

She slapped my shoulder and wiggled from my grasp.

"Hey, where's your car?" Ana asked. I caught up with her and led her down the sidewalk.

"This way."

Once she saw it, she started to walk toward that direction but I took her the other way.


I shushed her and told her to trust me.

I got to my destination and made her stay in that spot as I matched up my steps exactly. "You know where we are?"

Her light eyes looked around and then back to me. Then they lit up and she smiled. "This is where you first kissed me."

"Sure did. Right at this spot," I declared proudly.

"After three dates," Ana muttered but I heard all the same.

"Hey, come on. I was nervous! I didn't think you'd go for a guy like me," I defended myself.

"Even though I'd liked you since freshmen year?" she shot back.

"You never told me anything. And Callie was the one best friend in the world that actually kept her promises so I couldn't get anything out of her."

She fumbled on that. "Yeah, well—"

I kissed her and then pulled back to see her eyes still closed. "Well what?"

Ana opened her eyes and glared. "Shut up, Colin."

Grinning, I pulled her toward my car.

Fifteen minutes and one avoided crash (Ana decided to try and make me turn left when I wouldn't listen to her and it ended up being a blocked alley) later, we got to the place of our reservations.

Ana stared up at the sign in wonderment. "Ruby Tuesday?"

I nodded even though she wasn't facing me. "Where I asked—"

"Where you asked me to be your girlfriend." She turned to look at me and smiled. I quirked a corner of my lip up.

"Come on."

We had dinner with not much difference to any other date. We ate, talked, and I paid.

Walking to the car, Ana asked, "Okay Mr. Memory, where to next?"

I checked my phone and saw it was ten-thirty. I had already talked to her father about tonight and he seemed okay with what I had planned. He was a little skittish about when I would pick her up but I convinced him that this night only came once in a relationship. So we had all night.

"Movie?" I offered. I had some time to kill.

She looked up in thought, probably wondering what good movies were out. "Sure."

We went to the nearest theater and raced each other to the steps. I let her win because, basically, it's her night.

We asked for the next showing for Ocean's Thirteen and we had some time to play with. With the tickets in our hands, we walked down three steps and sat, Ana sure to have her dress covering places she didn't need the whole town to see.

I loosened my tie a bit more and watched her staring at the busy street. The cars whizzed by and would make one hell of a photo with all the lights blending together.

Ana faced me as I stretched out onto the steps with a look of concentration. I arched an eyebrow but let her scrutinize me.

"Colin," she said.

"Yes, love?"

She fought a smile knowing it would ruin her moment. I couldn't suppress my grin and shrugged.

"What memory does this theater have?" she asked as she lay down with me, her head on my shoulder.

I smirked but allowed the question to linger in the air. "Well my dear," I started, obtaining a slight English accent. "This spot, this very spot where I am," I paused watching her golden eyes in the lights as she looked up at me, "is where I first saw you."

Ana quirked an eyebrow but I continued with my accent.

"I was waiting right here for Roy to arrive because we had decided to go see a movie since we were bored out of our skulls. It was the summer before ninth grade and I was working on my cockiness – which, as you know, never really stuck." I grinned down at her as she rolled her eyes and dropped the accent.

"Anyways, I was staring at the cars zip by when I heard a car door slam and about five giggles. I looked to the left and saw a group of teenage girls around my age. Now since there are maybe four middle schools in this city, I only knew one of the girls and that was Callie. And then as they all spread out, you were off to the side laughing at whatever the girl in the middle said. You guys seemed like quite the wild bunch, going to a movie at nine-thirty, where there could be rapists and whatnot around any corner." Ana sat up slightly and glared at me. I winked at her and pulled her back down.

"So I thought, Now she is the girl I'll practice on. Cute, shy, just what I wanted. So I waited until your 'pack' walked past me or just over me, and I got up casually. I strolled over to you as all five of you were staring at the movie display as if it were the answer to life itself," I got a flick on the temple for that one, "and I gradually got closer and closer, gathering my nerve. Then once I thought I could get no closer, I went for it. I put my arm around you, got close to your ear and said, 'So what movie?'"

I was struggling to keep in the amusement by then. "You screamed so loud. I just about ran away, thinking there was some alarm or something going off. And you whipped around about to kill me so I did. I ran away and I saw you three weeks into freshmen year because of Callie and Roy."

I had lost the battle and was full-out rolling with laughter on the concrete steps.

Ana had sat up and was now staring down at me. "That was you?!"

This made me laugh even harder. "You didn't recognize me?"

"How could I?! You ran away before I could do anything, much less get a good look at you!"

I sighed contently and checked my phone. "Come on, the movie's going to start soon."

I dragged Ana back into the theater even if she was in a state of shock and slight annoyance.

We enjoyed the movie some ten minutes later and finally came out after two hours. It was about one o'clock in the morning now and Ana was starting to yawn every five minutes. But, knowing this would happen, I was prepared.

"That was so great!" Ana cried while we got into the car. She paused to yawn, then began to describe to me how "sexy" George Clooney is.

We pulled into a 7-11 and I told her not to move after asking how she would like her coffee. She answered while getting comfortable.

"Black it is," I murmured and went to get two large coffees.

I came back a bit later and poked Ana awake. "Rise and shine, kiddo."

She mumbled something incoherent, adjusting her head on the seat. I shook her gently. "Anaaaa."

"What, Colin. It's still summer, go away."

I chuckled and got in the car after setting the two coffees in the cup holders carefully. "Fine, I'll just have to drink your large black coffee."

I waited for this statement to go through as I started the car and drove out of the parking lot. Beside me, she sighed and straightened up in her seat.

"This better be good coffee."

I said nothing, watching from the corner of my eye as she cautiously took sips and looked out the passenger window.

Her house wasn't that far so we arrived pretty quickly. I opened her door and let her lean on me when she took off her heels.

"Thank god," Ana sighed, wiggling her toes in the grass.

I laughed while leading her to the tree. I went up first and helped her to find the sturdy branches.

Once she was set, I said, "Don't move. I'll be right back." She gave me a puzzled look but I climbed into her room after, once again, telling her to trust me.

I came back a bit later, smiling at her and gave her one of the blankets I went inside for. "There you go."

Ana grinned and spread it out on the roof then promptly sat. I opened the other and nudged her to move over a smidge while I wrapped it around both of us. She did and leaned into me as we got comfortable.

I laid an arm around her shoulders as she hugged my waist and sipped on the coffee mug I had in my hand. Ana furrowed her brow and protested. "Hey! Where's mine?!"

"Calm down. I've got it right here," I laughed. I gave it to her and watched her take in the "amazing" aroma.

Both of us sat there for I don't know how long. After we were finished with the coffee, I put the mugs on the windowsill and just relaxed.



"Thank you," Ana said and tightened her hold around my waist.

I tilted her chin up and kissed her the same way I had in our first kiss. I stared at her golden amber eyes with my forehead resting on hers.

"You're welcome, gorgeous."