Blame Game

It seemed like a dream when it happened. A fairytale come true. We were talking about normal stuff one minute, and kissing the next.

I don't know how it happened. Something clicked in the moment. Something must have just felt "right", even though it seems a fatal mistake now. It was magic.

It was different than everything I expected as it happened. I was so shocked; I couldn't even close my eyes. My heart tried to burst out of my body. I couldn't breathe normally for hours afterward. It felt so perfect. My lips tingled. Could you feel it?

I wanted more; I needed more. It was the beginning of my life, and my love. But the world spun too quickly around us.

How did I fool myself like this? I don't know. The dreams that lay shattered before me make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

It was your fault. You brought it on. That makes sense, right? You made the move, and you were the one who left in the end. It was your fault.

No, it wasn't.

It was my fault. It was completely my fault that you broke my heart. I let my dreams blend too well with reality. I let my feelings get in between the truth and fiction.

And my heart ended up broken anyways. And, however hard I try; I can't hate you.

No. I do! I do hate you. With all my heart, I hate you. I hate the place I'm in, the choices we've made, and the ache you made in my heart. I hate you for what Idid wrong.

I tried to cry for you. To let all the agony burst from me. Bur I couldn't. My mind still clutches to the single, sweet moment of yesterday.

If this were a novel, I'd be the girl you'd try to come back to later. And I'd be the girl who'd have the strength to say no.

But, I'm not a movie. I think I love you still, which is why I can't hate you.

It's why I'm running away.