((Le gasp! I'm actually putting a poem up on here! D I can't recall what inspired me to write this, but I really enjoy it. The poem follows a simple pattern most of the time, and I really don't know what it 'qualifies' as. -Laughs- The ending might be... uh... a bit strange to your point of view, but I really love this poem. Anyhow, enjoy!))

- - - - -

The ragdoll has hair
the color of dead straw.
She can't get it to part straight,
or twirl as she saw.

The ragdoll has fingers
that are stubby and ripped.
Her nails aren't long,
and the pink painting is chipped.

The ragdoll's complexion
is anything but clear.
"Crater Face" is what they call her,
since her acne causes fear.

The ragdoll isn't skinny
like the Barbie dolls are.
Their waists are miniature,
and from that she is far.

The ragdoll has eyes
that are face spaced, and spectacle-dressed.
They really don't match,
so they call her features messed.

The ragdoll wears jumpers
from thrift stores and charity.
Her clothes are old and worn;
for this she lives by insularity.

The ragdoll, she struggles,
with the skin that's her own;
because of her appearance,
she feels she's alone.


The ragdoll primps,
and the ragdoll tries.
The ragdoll starves,
and the ragdoll cries.

She works three jobs,
to buy a new skirt.
She hopes that by doing this,
she won't feel like dirt.

She paints her cheeks
with colors and tints.
Hoping she's pretty,
and that they'll take the hints.

The ragdoll wants nothing more
than to be accepted.
Can pain be all there is to life,
is she to always be rejected?

So the ragdoll gets a makeover,
with little ringlet curls,
and adorns herself with faux jewels,
and rows of glimmering pearls.

She really hopes she's gorgeous;
that someone will notice she's new.
She even stopped eating
to show you she's true!

The ragdoll wants to be held close,
and the ragdoll wants eternal love.
The ragdoll wants to belong;
she wants to soar on wings as a dove.

The ragdoll sees they notice,
and accept her for her looks.
They hang out and go to movies;
she doesn't know they're all crooks.

The ragdoll feels like she belongs,
a feeling never felt by her.
The track star even asks her out;
without a thought she answers, "Sure!"

Their relationship, it grows,
and her limits are pushed to the end.
The shoe is taken out of the door,
and no light is seen around the bend.

A single kiss went too far;
all innocence was lost.
It all seemed so great when it first began,
but now she is seeing the frightening cost.

So much for her boyfriend;
so much for their love.
She didn't know the price, at first.
Now he's pushed her away with a shove.

A test in the bathroom
came with tears falling like rain.
What happened to happiness?
Why come did the pain?

So again…

The ragdoll primped,
and the ragdoll tried.
The ragdoll starved,
and the ragdoll cried.

The ragdoll would give anything,
to be a ragdoll once more,
with tattered skirts and tangled hair.
Her body goes weak as she falls to the floor.

To the ground hope was dashed,
with a flick of her wrist.
Nothing could go up,
for the mark she did miss.

Unsure of her future,
the ragdoll cries out in pain.
What will she become?
What will she gain?

The ragdoll has become,
A new kind of Barbie doll,
one that's hopeless and lost;
one that's destined to fall.

The story of ragdoll to Barbie,
tortures her mind.
What led up to this life?
What did she find?

As she cries out to the heavens,
questions haunt her head,
and images buzz through her mind,
images of a bed.

A bed on which she lost herself,
a bed to which she'd return.
A life gone downhill;
with no one's concern.

She wanted to leave;
she wanted to die.
To go out with this world,
and return to the sky.

The ragdoll cares not of the track star,
or the "love" that they shared.
She's come to the conclusion that
he never even cared.

The ragdoll disposed of the test;
she disposed of all truth.
She seemed to feel better,
but guilt followed as a sleuth.

In a flurry of emotion,
it all happened once more.
It came with the feeling
that life was a bore.

So one final time…

The ragdoll primped,
and the ragdoll tried.
The ragdoll starved…

Then, just last Thursday night,
the ragdoll…

She died.