The wind rustles my hair

This feels so far from wrong

To the edge of pavement I clutch

But I'm barely hanging on

On the brink of falling

My mind seems clear

From all of those emotions

That I have grown to fear

As one by one

My fingers start to slip

I try to calm my heart

As I nervously bite my lip

As the last glimmer of hope

Fades slowly from my mind

I find myself falling

But then a bright light shined

To the people who cry

That I thought never cared

This is what was right for me

To let my soul be spared

My aim was not to hurt

The people I cared for

But please try and understand

That this is what I needed more

Because as I look down upon

The casket sitting there

I see people come together

And finally show they care

It takes an act like this

So people finally realize

That this is her time to be free

The girl with the immaculate disguise.