When emotions take over

And feelings are too strong

Words can easily get muddled

And failure doesn't take long

But if it's written down

In a letter or a rhyme

You can explain things perfectly

All you need is time

So time is what I'll take

To show you what I see

When I look at you

Looking back at me

You are my only sun

And all of my light

Without you here it seems

My life is black as night

I wish you understood

The amount in which I care

I think about you all the time

Sometime too much to bear

But still you hold back

And trust not in what I say

After all this time

It brings me to dismay

The pain behind your eyes

The distrust in your soul

Only makes me want you more

To help you out of this hole

I want to pick up the pieces

So you can finally mend

Or even just be with you

With a caring hand to lend

There will never be another

Man that's quite like you

There will always be a place

In my heart for you its true

Yet I know there is no hope

Of us being together

But still I dare to dream

I know I will forever

For you have touched me

In more ways you could know

And taught me many things

I wont forget, and so

This is how I feel

I know it all seems sappy

But all I want in life

Is for you to smile and be happy.