Can you see the water

Glistening in the moonlight

Can you hear the sound

Of waves rising up in height

On the beach you sit

Finding solace in the dark

Waves crashing so closely

But barely leaving a mark

But what are you doing here

Sitting all alone

What has gone so horribly wrong

For you not to be home

You face is soaking wet

But the rest of you is dry

You have not been able to fool me

Although you continue to try

Your heart still bears the signs

Of a love just like a wave

Crashing in, then pulling out

Leaving you trying to be brave

But the bravery you need

Is to turn and walk away

"Impossible" says your mind

While on the shore you lay

But I know you are strong

Stronger than you think

An idea stirs in your mind

And you find courage in a drink

Slowly staggering along

You finally reach the driveway

You turn to flee but realize

You know you have to stay

Walking to the door

Feeling confident on your stride

Making sure not to forget

The way in which he lied

As he opens the door

A look of confusion crosses his face

And all that goes through your mind

Is "I have a serious lack of taste!"

He starts to say something

But suddenly falls back

Your fist struck him in the nose

Followed by a nasty sounding "Crack!"

All the way home your grinning

As you know you should

Now he's out of your life

Hopefully for good.