How do you let go

Of the one who haunts your dreams

Flowing inside you

Ripping and tearing, ignoring all your screams

Like a horror movie

Clinging desperately to save your life

All you can do is scream

And try to bear the knife

When you are alone

He ignores when you're in pain

But when you're with another

He'll fight to save you again

This can hurt you more

Knowing that he really does care

Yet ignoring all his feelings

He tries to pretend you're not there

Enormous amounts of confusion

Make clouds around his heart

Not wanting to get hurt

But neither wanting you to be apart

Not realizing that

The only one getting hurt is you

But continuing to love him

Is all that you can do

For a very long time

His soul is all you've seen

And in his arms

Is the only place you've wanted to be

I don't think many realize

The way you two really connect

And that every move he makes

Can have such a great effect

Yet surely he will flee

And to his friends he will deny

Ever really liking you

But both know that's the biggest lie

Even though you care so much

He is still running out of time

Living without knowing is hard

All you need is a small, tiny sign

That he will ever get through

The smokescreen that is shown

He will need your help through this

What you need to do is known

Pressure will amount

On attempting to get him to see

The way to be together

Perfect, only him and me.