On this dark and stormy night

I sit here and I wonder

Feeling crash inside my head

As outside does the thunder

Staring at the moon up high

I almost see you face

Softly smiling back at me

As if through time and space

Two stars are shining brightly

Up in the velvet sky

Like as your eyes do twinkle

When they're about to cry

The dark seems full of demons

Young children it does scare

But it seems for you and me

It has a soul to bare

We were creatures of the night

Until time tore us away

What was beauty now is trapped

Inside we have to stay

Time can't take our memories

All those we'll lock up tight

And take them out to wonder

If we'll ever feel that right

As years drift by all too soon

We're not sure we can cope

But the glimmer of a smile

Will always bring new hope

Now as I turn to rest my head

I kneel to say a prayer

In the land of sleeping dreams

I hope to meet you there.