Sitting alone in your room

Walls closing in all around

Inside your mind is screaming

But outside there is no sound

Through the noise in your head

One word is protruding out

Why? It's just one question

Leaving nothing but self doubt

You're in a state of total shock

Overwhelmed and in disbelief

With a stab wound in the back

And absolutely no source of relief

How can you think of facing them

Not only just those two

Best friends, school friends

What are you going to do

Your clique seems torn apart

And it's totally not your fault

They chose their winding paths

And led a full on terror assault

They say that there is in life

Four things that sum up it all

Love, work, family and friends

Only one at a time should fall

For you they're all inclusive

All together they fall apart

It's as if everything's been distorted

Just like in Picasso's art

I can't offer much advice on this

I'm not experienced enough it's true

But if you need an ear to listen

I'll always be here for you