My friend, my best-friend

This poem is for you

It's in the gift of writing

That proves my words are true

I always have believed

That you are my greatest strength

With just the thought of you

My courage knows no length

To outsiders you are confident

And rarely show emotion

Only happiness and anger

It's just such a silly notion

How can anyone begin to think

That this is all you are

Do they have any idea at all

They don't know you by far

If only people took notice

And looked into your eyes

Then they would soon discover

All of your many hidden lies

They would suddenly be able to see

What I have known all along

That something is starting to fade

Even though you still seem strong

You don't like to ask anyone

For support, love or care

But we all need to realize

That right now you need us there

I want you to ask yourself

If I were going through this pain

What advice would you give me

For a peace I could obtain

Instead of hiding in the corner

Please let me just be there

Ill be your shoulder to cry on

You'll always know I care