Picture this scene

A girl is crying

In front of a mirror

Her emotions aren't hiding

One by one

They come and go

Sadness may linger

But anger will grow

Her eyes are on fire

Don't get in her way

She's made her decision

And decided to stay

Rage takes over

She just doesn't care

When she recovers

The mirror isn't there

Pieces are shattered

All over the place

No wonder people think

She's just a head case

Her hands are bleeding

She's too angry to worry

All she wants right now

Is for him to say sorry

But that won't happen

He's just too stubborn

He doesn't seem to care

It's your heart he has torn

She takes her time

And lets everything out

So when she says she's ok

She's not met with doubt

She takes a breath

And gathers composure

Washes her hands

And removes mirror from the floor

She practices her smile

Before heading to the door

Ready to face

Twenty people or more