Only Death

how many people think of it
how many die of it
Whose nature is it
why do people do it

we are reaching out for help
the only way
we think we can
but we die in our last try
some have this nature
to keep our feelings inside
only some can't do it
while our society pushes for it
we can't hold our feelings in

what of those who think of
see it as an option
but why don't we do it
were never able to

over two thousand youth die of it a year
have you stared into death's eyes
did you help someone get there
death's eyes kill some
in that deathly stare
only some walk away
shaken only mentally

this is suicide

no one can stare into
those eyes for more
than a week and
walk away unharmed
only some can not stop
staring at the eyes
only when the eyes become a friend
you can never walk way as you came in
physically, mentally, spiritually, forever

I've stared into those eyes
too long
have you?

can you walk away after staring too long
some can ... some can't
us who can't leave
learn to turn out back
'til we need the eyes again

I've learned to turn away
have you walked away
can you turn your back
or merely stare into
those eyes in a stand still
or have you never seen
death's eyes
if so, I wish you
never see them

So is it only death
or more.