By 不死身

日本語 (Japanese)






ローマジ (Romaji)

koori wo chinretsusuru, mizu ni egaku

banji wa yume

hibiki no koe ni ouzuru ga gotoshi

kage no katachi ni shitagau ga gotoshi

au wa wakare no hajime

英語 (English)

To reveal ice, to paint upon water

Everything is a dream

As if the echo answers the voice

As if the shadow follows the shape

Meeting is the beginning of separation

Note: The idea to put all three translations (Japanese, Romaji (a type of Japanese written with Latin latters), and English) came from onyxdragonflyy's awesome poem Tsukiakari dake ni yurusareta . . .

Also, please fogive my sub-standard Japanese and any mistakes those more adverse in the language may find; I am still a student of the language and this is my first time trying to write using it. If you do find any mistakes, I would be grateful for you to point them out . . .

20 June 2007