How could I forget?

Or be that clueless
I thought you said you knew I wasn't dumb…

So why would you think I'm that low

That I would forget about you

What happened

What was done…

I can't believe you would think that

Your words still pierce me

Hurt me

Haunt me

I will never forget what happened

That one moment

One time

I am not that low

Maybe you don't know me as well as you think

Beauty sometimes lies…

And so does my stupidity…

Because I am secretly not…

I'm not just a pretty face…

Actually, I am not even that.

I am not stupid.

No, hun, I will never forget

I can't believe you would think that

Just know that I am oblivious



I don't trust my own instincts

My own thoughts

Or inferences

That's just the way I am.