Expecting and accepting

I found the letters, all of them. They are right there, Right there. It's not as if it was a surprise. You weren't exactly discreet, now were you? I expected it, with expecting this, I came to except it. Should I though? Should I settle for this, this injustice isn't the world made of injustice though? Nothing is fair, nothing is right. So those letters, those letters are just the norm. No one is honest or loyal. Honesty? Loyalty? What's that? Do you know? Do I know? Does anyone know? Their are those hard to find lucky few who do. You aren't one of them. Those letters weren't the first thing I found. No, no they weren't. I found her perfume, mixed in with mine; you brought her here, to our room, our bed. Wasn't exactly discreet. Did you want me to know? Want me to find out? I bet you did. Did it have to be like this though? Couldn't we have just talked? Or was I really just a good screw. Was that all I was, all I am. A good screw? Their used to be chivalry, honor, respect. Are they existent anymore? I've come to expect, expect and accept chivalry, honor, and respect, are dead. I expect so little from you and the world that I came to accept it. So it's not that big of a let down, really, it's not. I found it; I found her picture, instead of mine, in your wallet. Why do you keep toying with me? Why do you bother coming home? We both know you don't want to be here, even the kids see it. Spare their innocence, or at least what's left of it. Their just kids. Do they need to know their daddy doesn't love their mommy? They worry that daddy won't want or love them anymore soon too. This I did not expect. This I will not accept. You will not destroy our children. They are young, innocent, trusting. They know nothing of the cruelness of the world. I will not except you are ruining the small bit of good left in my world. I have finally stopped excepting your crap. It has finally become too much. That you have shattered the last bit of good in this world. I stand up. Confront you. You had the gall to deny it. Deny it all. After it was so carefully laid out for me to find. "LIAR!" Liar I said. You struck me down. The kids were in the next room the next room! I tell you to stop, stop! Just go! It's over its done. Apparently this wasn't in the plan I was to remain a trophy. I was to forgive and forget. I'm not a puppet. Since you couldn't have me, no one else could. Soon as you said this, I expected the blow. The last final blow. At least I know, at least I know. I died expecting it and accepting who I was. I will live on in the memory of our children. As a good mother that tried to do what was best for them. The world is an unfair place. Their is no justice anymore, none at all. For no one cares about one another. All those morals, those ideas, they are dead. So everyone do yourselves a favor. If you read this letter my answer to all, and the documentation of the end of my days. Don't expect more from people. Don't expect good. Expect and accept the facts. Accept the fact that the world is finally dead. Everything innocent, everything pure, has died.