Colors break into shades,

And I regret mistakes I've made,

But leaves still fall, roll,

Breeze across the ground,

Life made more sense when you were around,

So I trust in voluptuous lies,

And I hide from all I despise,

The effervescent feeling leaves me,

And now I can see the ground,

My hearts true weight has been found,

For I weigh nothing but a dream,

I am but a beat of my heart

A dream, a nightmare, a horror scheme.

When colors explode into the sky,

Swirl and twist, when emotions can cry,

I wonder still; will this make sense?

Will ignoring you still be my best defense?

When all that's left is how and why,

And when pigs learn how to fly,

I will wonder how; I will ask why,

When certainty diminishes to a certain level as,

If to say, to taunt for trying,

Way too hard.

Who will be your saving grace?

Who will notice if you leave this place?

Who will remember a name without a face?

When color breaks into shades,

Who will comfort you when your glory fades?

At the end of every day,

Who will tell you its all okay?

And if I refuse to acknowledge your presence,

It will be like you don't exist,

Old friend, you don't exist.