We try to make sense of life,

As the pieces slowly,

Click- click- click together,

As we dangle as weights on a string,

Held closely to knife.

Sickening sweet smiles,

Twist and distort,

And sometimes its said best,

The first time around,

It's a race down the road to apathy,

Fueled by soft, wistful miles,

And the deafening absence of sound.

Words are harsh against paper,

And harsh against minds,

Like a slow burning candle with ends that taper,

That burns at both sides when the truth unwinds,

A butterfly of vengeance,

A pawn of sweet change.

And music like a savior,

Assaults your soul,

Leaving you human- threatened by behavior,

Leaving you broke into pieces- never whole.

It's a tangle weave romance,

While clouds dance in the sky,

And emotions and thoughts,

Dance around "Why?"

We as humans are spellbound,

By things we can only touch,

Or grasp within our hands.

Sometimes emotions need to cling,

To our souls like spiders,

As sick and grotesque reminders,

Of what consequences our actions will bring.

So tell me, have you seen me?

Have you ever seen yourself?

You have my condolences; my sympathy,

For the loss of all you used to be.