a/n: this rough, and unpolished. I haven't tweaked it since I wrote it, on the 17th of june, 2007. this is so close to my heart- constructive criticism all you want (I do love the advice & the tips) but please refrain from any derogatory comments about the subject matter.

Your palms are taking the skin off my thighs & I twist into the curve of your arm & waist your face is damp with sweat; my lips drag across the sunburn stretching on your cheekbones tasting blood & the bitter shock of salt. I wait for my name to spill from your mouth in a plea-restless & desperate.

My fingers claw your collar away from your neck & pass over marks, scars, and the slight ridges from your bones. I bite into your neck & fight you for control, there is no compromise & I drown in the way your breath settles on my skin.

You are the worst kind of temptation, pretty words & a mouth made for kissing, I ache to slam myself into you. Your teeth are burns, the beautiful agony of pain tearing nerve endings apart & leaving me raw & empty with eyes closed (if I look at you I'll scream), I bite my tongue until I taste blood and my eyes can't stay shut.

(you are made of passion & promises, I am afraid your just the best dream I've ever had).

I touch your face – my mind flashes onto the first 'I love you' & the smiles you give me. My god the need on my face must be pathetically naked & I want to rip your shirt off & worship every inch of you until you blister from the attention.

I skim my fingers across your collarbones & down your chest, there are litanies on my lips- I swallow them. You unfold under my hands like poetry, uglybeautiful words exploding in front of hearts & broken dreams- I don't know where to start, cowardly, I fly back up to your mouth with your face cradled in my hands, I am silently begging- mine. Tell me 'your mine'.

& those nicotine stained fingers thread through my hair & slam my mouth against yours. I will write you love letters & scrawl tributes & definitions & desires on any blank surface & your hands take me over & I become the recipient of bruises & scratches & I am committing every scar callous & curve of your body to my heart.

I swallow tears, I am owned, I am a belonging, I am a need. I wrap myself around you. I choke on a plea- don't forget me. Don't forget me. I shatter under your palms & you pull me closerclosercloser, and whimper my name into my hair.

I press my mouth to your shoulder, smothering a scream. Your cheek is wet from tears and pressed against mine while your body jerks upwards towards mine- don't forget me.

a/n: For mike, my heart, my life, my world. I don't mind being a belonging as long as it's to you.