Sometimes I want to spread my arms apart
Reach in impossible directions until I snap
Finally insane and free to fly with broken wings
Burnt and bloody but still beating softly
Like the sound of my heart in my head
A dull rhythm cutting into my bloodstream
I'm made of electricity and mistakes tonight

Whisper to me I'm beautiful one more time
And I just might put on that black wedding dress
Dye my hair pink and say I'll be yours
If only for a little while of eternity and forever
Because to me there is no one more wonderful
Than the person who makes me oh so lovely
I'm dressed in bare skin and waiting again

Energy drinks glide across my swollen lips
Pouring over the edge beyond behind the stars
While I paint my nails glow in the dark
Just so you might see me when I'm six feet gone
Dead but maybe so much more alive than anyone
With glass bones and diamond fingertips to kiss
The planets and the galaxies I'm just waiting to see

Don't you know that you're a part of me now
A little piece of the life inside of me still living
I'm breathing because you gave me oxygen
Just when I thought I would die again
You told me that I couldn't drown today
There was so much more left of me but you lied
Because now I realize that there was nothing

Slowly my fingers stretch on piano keys
That stopped playing long ago and I can't hear
The song is gone inside the notes a dormant noise
But maybe if we play a duet it won't sound so bad
Maybe if you press your fingers into the notes too
Life will find itself inside the love melodies I lost
Maybe my rainy asphalt eyes will see again