In Sickness and In Health

By Caitlin Clawson

Chapter 1

"W hat's wrong with her doctor?" Helena watched her sister through the thick plexy-glass wall where her sister sat on the other side blankly staring at the white walls. Her hair was limp and hanging in tattered bits around her sallow face; there were deep purple circles under her eyes. The doctor shifted uncomfortably.

"Well, you see, she is perfectly functional. She's even able to hold a conversation normally."

"That's not what I asked."


"It's Miss." She said, cutting him short.

"Miss, when we found her she was bleeding profoundly from two small holes in her neck. She was absolutley hysterical, screaming that a man had attacked her. A man with fangs."

"You don't think-"

"No, no of course not! We were promised that they would never be back, it's impossible." Even the doctor could hear the lie in his voice.

"May I see her?"

"I would advise you not to, but I suppose since you're her sister..."

"Then let me see her." There was the grinding of keys in several locks as the doctor opened the door. With a wary eye, Helena made her way past him and rushed into to see her sister.

"Selene!" She cried out with her arms outstrecthed.

"Stay back!" Selene screeched, running to the opposite side of the room. The smile on Helena's face quickly dropped as her sister began screaming loudly. Crouched in the corner the fragile-looking girl began rocking on her knees, clutching her neck as if someone was strangling her.

"Leave me alone! I know what you're going to do! You want my blood! Eh? Is that what you want? Well, I'm not going to give it to you, you can't take it again!" Selena began moaning, tearing at her hair and face.

"Selene! It's me, Helena, your sister! Please stop that! Let go!" Helena grabbed her sisters arms shaking her violently.

"Stop it! Please," She begged."Don't you remember me?" Her eyes began to well with tears as Selena tried to pull away.

''Selene," She whispered.

"Don't take my blood, don't take it." Selene said in a quiet voice.

"I'm not going to take your blood, I'm not a vampire. They're gone forever, remember? We fought them in the Blood Wars, please remember."

"Vampire? I'm a vampire? Oh my god," Her sister began to weep softly.

"No, no you're not a vampire! Selene listen to me! The vampires are gone, they will never return. Do you understand?"

"But if I'm a vampire, the that must mean I need blood." Selene continued on as if she never heard her sister. Suddenly her head shot up as she stared fixedley at her sister's throat.

"The blood is the life! And I must have life!" With a snarl she lunged at Helena's throat. Four doctors burst into the room, one holding a syringe.Helena was pulled screaming from the room, her cheeks tearstained. The last thing she saw was the white-jacketed doctors holding her sister down while they injected something into her throat.