Rainbow raindrops stick to my palms
Running off the edges and giggling
Jubilant and devious drenching me
Pouring on my eyes and down my cheeks
Paints my face a million colors but only one
Because raindrops are only faeries and Fay
Children of chaos and discord and earth
But they love me and I love them
With affections impossible to taste
They can only be breathed in like magic

Because everybody knows that everything pretend
Is so much more beautiful than the harsh angles
And the square lines of reality
Boxing us into the normal the conformity
Everything we can't be and must be and should be
Spoken with the tone of power
Tongues screaming at us because of fear

What is fear but not knowing
They do not know so we must become known
They speak of knowledge and understanding
But they are the most ignorant of us all

I think I'd rather stay here
In my graveyard of long gone souls
Where it always rains and never lies
Because the dead don't talk
When there mouths are sewn shut with something colder
Than the human mind may comprehend
I think I'd rather stay with them
If it pleases you

Then again I've never really pleased anyone
Not even myself