Off Limits

Awkward and Amazing

Rating: T

Gabriella sat in her bed on the computer when her phone rang. She looked to see it was Susan. She sighed and pressed ignore. She had made up every excuse for the past two weeks so she wouldn't have to go to her parent's office and risk seeing Zack. Just then her phone rang and it was once again Susan. Knowing she wasn't going to give up, Gabriella answered the phone.

"Hello," she answered.

"Where have you been?" Susan asked.

"Umm…around," she replied.

"Whatever, we miss you, you are coming to lunch today," Susan replied.

"Sue I…" Gabriella protested.

"No excuses, come to my office at 12," she replied and hung up. Gabriella rolled her eyes. At least it was Wednesday so the chances of her seeing Zack were not as high. She reluctantly got up and got ready. She decided on a denim skirt and a simple navy blue t-shirt. She left her hair down and put a little make up on.

20 minutes later she walked into Susan's office, and immediately froze. Everyone was in there, including Zack. They all looked at her. Zack froze as well.

"Gabs!" Susan, Taylor, Chad, and Eric exclaimed. She didn't hear, for she and Zack were looking into each other's eyes in an awkward type shock.

"Gabs?" Susan asked.

"Oh hey," she fake smiled.

"So where have you been?" Chad asked. She glanced at Zack who glared at her and she subtly rolled her eyes.

"Umm, around. Just hangin out with some friends," she replied.

"Ok, so are you ready for lunch," Eric asked.

"Umm yeah," she replied and Zack glared at her and she ignored it.

"Great lets go," Susan said and they all got up to walk out. They walked to the restaurant and Gabriella and Zack tried to stay as far away from each other. Gabriella began to talk to Taylor while Zack talked to Chad.

"You and Chad got together!" Gabriella said in excitement and Taylor nodded smiling. "Oh my god!"

"And Susan with Eric!" Taylor exclaimed and Gabriella squealed. Just then they arrived at the restaurant. Susan and Eric sat on one side of the table, Chad and Taylor on the other side leaving Zack and Gabriella at the heads.

"I cant believe you guys got together!" Gabriella squealed clapping her hands. "It is about time!" The four of them smiled.

"Yeah, now you and Zack need to get together and it will be complete," Chad joked. Zack and Gabriella choked on their drinks.

"Are you guys okay?" Susan asked.

"Me and Gabriella?" Zack asked clearing his throat.

"I was kidding Zack," Chad said.

"That would never ever ever happen," Zack said.

"I know," Chad said. "I was kidding."

"Good," Zack said and Gabriella rolled her eyes. The rest of the lunch was filled with awkwardness between Zack and Gabriella as well as intense glares and eye rolling that didn't go unnoticed by the rest.

"Ok, spill," Susan said closing the door.

"Spill what?" Gabriella asked innocently.

"You and Zack, what the hell happened? You guys didn't say one word to each other, were glaring at each other," Taylor said. Gabriella froze.

"Gabs…we know something happened," Susan said.

"We slept together," she groaned reluctantly. The girls jaw's dropped.

"No…way!" Susan exclaimed.

"You slept with Zack!" Taylor exclaimed.

"Yes, Taylor," she replied flopping down on the couch.

"How did this happen?" Susan asked with excitement in her voice.

"Me and two friends went out a few weeks ago. He was there, I said hi, we were both pretty drunk, one thing led to another," she replied.

"Ok, but it is Zack! He is so hot! We need details!" Susan exclaimed.

"What do you want? We made out at the club then went to his place," she replied.

"Who initiated it," Taylor asked.

"We both kinda leaned in for the kiss, I suggested we leave the club, he said we should go back to his place," she replied.

"I can't believe you slept with Zack!" Susan squealed.

"You act like this is a good thing," Gabriella said looking at her like she was crazy.

"You slept with a gorgeous amazing guy!" Susan exclaimed.

"Yeah who happens to be 25, have a girlfriend, and is my father's protégé," she replied.

"Yeah that is bad," Taylor said.

"No kidding," Gabriella replied with sarcasm in her voice.

"Ok, so as bad as it is, you have to answer me one thing," Susan said.

"What?" Gabriella groaned.

"Was it good?"

"That is the biggest problem," Gabriella sighed.

"What do you mean?" Taylor asked.

"It was absolutely amazing. I have never felt that connection with someone before," she sighed before placing her head in her hands. The girls jaw's dropped. "God how could I be so stupid!"

"Gab, you were drunk…and sometimes when you are drunk you make mistakes," Taylor said.

"I know that…but sleeping with Zack! Do you know what will happen if this gets out?" she exclaimed.

"Well then we will just make sure it wont," Susan said. "But we need to get back to the fact that it was actually good."

"Are you actually surprised Zack is good in bed?" Gabriella asked.

"No, but you said that there was a connection," Susan said.

"Look I probably just felt it cause' I was drunk and he is hot," she replied.

"No Gabi, sober or not, if you have a connection with somebody it means something. Something more then just sex," Taylor said insightfully.

"Tay, the last thing me and Zack will ever be is something more. I don't even think we will ever be friends again," Gabriella replied.


"Ok dude, spill now," Chad said closing the door to Troy's office.

"What are you talking about?" Zack asked sitting at his desk as Chad and Eric sat in the visitor's chairs.

"You and Gabriella…" Eric replied.

"What about me and Gabriella?" Zack asked in a scared tone.

"What happened?" Chad asked.

"Nothing happened," he replied.

"That's bullshit," Chad said.

"We are your best friends Zack," Eric said. Zack sighed and threw his head back.

"Oh god what did you do?" Chad asked.

"I slept with her," he said reluctantly.

"YOU WHAT?" they exclaimed in unison.

"Yeah," he sighed.

"I am sorry. Did you just say you slept with our boss's 18 year old daughter," Chad asked in shock.

"Yes," he groaned.

"You are 25 years old with a girlfriend!" Eric exclaimed.

"Thanks for the information," Troy replied sarcastically.

"How the hell did this happen?" Chad asked.

"Two weeks ago I went out to Hyde with Kyle, got really drunk, turns out Gabriella was there, also very drunk, she came over and said hi, and one thing led to another," he replied.

"What the hell is Gabriella doing drunk at Hyde?" Chad asked upset.

"Dude, drop the older brother act she is 18 years old, what do you expect?" Zack replied.

"Whatever, dude what are you gonna do?" Chad asked.

"I don't know," he said running his hand through his hair. "This is bad on so many levels."

"Really? Cause last time I checked sleeping with the daughter of a boss who loves you is really good," Eric said sarcastically and Zack glared at him.

"So what are you gonna do man?" Chad asked.

"No clue."

"I say you just forget about it," Eric suggested.

"If you had the best sex you have ever had with a gorgeous girl would you be able to forget about it?" Zack asked and they looked at him in shock.

"And I thought her being 18 was a problem," Chad pointed out, patting Zack's head with his hand and grinning.

"I know right," Zack replied. "And quit patting my head! I'm not a little boy, idiot!" With that phrase, Chad quickly stop patting.

"It was that good?" Eric asked.

"Better than any time with Alyssa and we have been together two years," he replied.

"You have been with a girl for two years when the sex is bad? Dude. Who are you?" Chad asked.

"I didn't say it was bad. I don't know how to describe it but…"

"But what?" Eric asked.

"Have you ever been with a girl who you just feel you have a connection to. Like…I dunno what I am saying."

"No dude I get it. But usually if you are with a girl and that happens you have feelings for her," Eric replied. "Maybe you want something more with Gabriella."

"But I don't have feelings for Gabriella! I am in love with Alyssa. Me and Gabriella will never be something more than friends. I don't even know if we can be friends now. Which sucks cause she is a great girl."

"So what are you gonna do? Avoid her?" Chad asked.

"Got any better ideas," Troy replied.

"No," Chad replied.

"That is what I thought."

"Dude if Robert finds out about this…" Eric started.

"I know!" Zack exclaimed upset and annoyed. Just then the phone rang. Troy pressed the speaker button.

"Hello," he said deadpan.

"What's wrong with you?" Robert asked and the three guys popped up and looked up at each other scared.

"Oh nothing, just a little tired," he replied.

"Well wake up, we got a big game tonight," Robert said.

"We do?" Zack asked confused.

"How could you of all people forget about the NBA Finals," he replied.

"Oh…right, of course," Zack replied hitting his palm to his forehead.

"You planning to watch it anywhere?"

"No, probably just gonna pop open a beer and watch it at home," Zack replied.

"Do you have a 70 inch HD TV at home?" Robert asked.

"Is that a serious question?" Zack asked back and Robert laughed.

"Didn't think so, my house 7 o' clock. See you then," Robert said then hung up before Zack could say a word. Zack banged his head on the desk and that made Chad and Eric laughed.

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