Can you see that girl
Starring out the window
Waiting for that man
To come to her again?

Can you see the tears
She tries so hard to hide,
But they just keep on falling,
Staining her cold rosy cheeks?

Can you see her try to smile,
Even though she's losing faith
In the only thing
That she ever believed in?

Can you see through
Her happy exterior,
Pretending everything is alright
When her life is falling apart?

Can't you see
She's dying inside,
She can only wait for so long
And so long has already past.

And you see that man below the window
Looking up at her with teary eyes,
He knows it's already too late
But all this time
His just been waiting to say
What has been bending his mind
And twisting his brain
And it's just simply that,
His crazily in love with her
And a life without her,
Isn't a life worth living.