School was starting soon, and you know what that means. New clothes! Now I would be excited, but sadly, I am not. My parents… they used the "B" word…


Yes, I know. The word every teenager dreads to hear. Two hundred dollars! Jeez, just ship me off to the goodwill store why don't you? I'm miserable. I love to shop!

I called Michelle to see if she wanted to go shopping with me today.

"Sorry Ive, I have to go to the dentist today, and then visit my grandma in South Carolina for the rest of the week. Sorry girl, you'll just have to find someone else."

Oh yeah, because it was completely that easy. It's not like I can just randomly pick up the phone and call someone. Hey, why doesn't anyone call me to go shopping?

My phone vibrated and rang in my hands. I was so shocked, I screamed and threw my strawberry chocolate phone again the wall. Luckily, seeing as how fragile those phones are, and it didn't break. I look on the screen and had a missed call from someone's number that I did not recognize.

Being curious as to whom had just read my mind and called me, I called them back.

"Hello?" A male's voice answered. That made me nervous.

"U-Uh, h-hi, who is this?" I asked quickly embarrassed.

"Depends," He answered smoothly. "Who is this?" I rolled my eyes although he could not see.

Why did guys always have to play mind games anyway? Why couldn't he just ell me who he was?

"Hey listen pal, you're the one who called me. So if you don't mind—" I was cut off my muffling on the other side of the phone.

"Give me that, jerk," I heard a faint females voice say.

"Hi. Ivey?" The girl asked.

"Uhm, yes… who is this?" The girl snorted.

"It's Brooke. Who else would it be? You were supposed to come over today if I remember correctly," Oh shit. Oh shit, oh shit, shit, shit. I completely forget.

"Ohhh crap, was that today? It slipped my mind," I said.

"Whatever," Brooke mumbled. "God Derek! Get the hell away from me! You're so freaking annoying." Pause. "No." Pause. "No—Yes! I'm sure she doesn't want to talk to you! Ugh, sorry Ivey, family's over. So listen, you have anything else going on today?"

Dang. "No…" I said trailing off. I don't know how Michelle would take me hanging out with her when she isn't here… but while Michelle is away…

"Uh, nothing important. Why do you ask?" I asked nonchalantly.

She snorted again. Did guys find that attractive? I rubbed my nose.

"Because! I totally told you we needed to get together and discuss that thing." She said, obviously stressing Derek as a thing because he was in the room. Wait. Did she want me to come over? While Derek was there?" OH EM GEE.

"I was actually thinking we'd go shopping."

Or not. Boo.

"And then you can come back over to my place for the night." She finished.


'No Ivey, shuddup! She said my place' Michelle said in my brain.

"Yeah, uh I'll have tot talk to my mom about it, but I'm sure it'll be fine," I reassured her.

"Good, I'll pick you up in an hour. Don't ask me where I got your address from… because you DO NOT want to know, trust me. Oh and whatever you do, do not talk or acknowledge Derek's presence," She said. I heard him in the background shout 'Hey!'

"At all," She added, "At least not yet anyway."

She hung up, and I went downstairs and told my mom where I was going. She said it as fine, seeing as she didn't have to do any of the driving. She was excited when I told her I was going to Brooke's house. She liked to keep up with the school gossip (Ewwww) and knew Brooke was one of the more popular girls.

I rolled my eyes and she laughed. "Have fun," She said slipping the two hundred into my hand, "Plus, a little something extra," She added giving me an extra one fifty. I thanked her with a hug, and left back to my room to pack and fix my hair. I took Michelle's advice, and straightened my bangs to the side. I have to admit; my hair did look pretty freaking good. I was proud of myself, and Mrs. Smarty-pants Michelle.

Well, this is going to be a fun couple of days, and a fun last couple of weeks of summer.

This. Is. So. Boring. I thought as Brooke and I went into about the hundredth store.

Of course she doesn't have a budget. Honestly, I only enjoy shopping when I'm actually buying stuff. Of course I blew my three fifty about 5 hours ago. I'll be good for the first few months of school, but Brooke? Oh, Brooke is practically buying an outfit for each day of the year. She's had to have spent at least two grand. I wouldn't be shocked if it was more.

"Oooh, Ivey! Let's go into Forever 21! I CAN NOT believe we haven't been in here yet!" Brooke yelped taking my arm and pulling me into there.

I groaned out loud.

"Sorry. Did you say something?"

Crap. "Nope. Wasn't me," I said. I wanted to claw my eyes out.

We were in there for about five minutes, when Brooke saw someone she knew.

"Hey girl!" She called rushing over to the girl.

They exchanged some words and I looked over at them noticing they were talking about me. Well I assumed so, because the girl was looking at me from the corner of her eye, whisper, then Brooke would look over and do the same.

They soon stopped conversing. "Sorry about that. Let's go now, I think I'm all shopped out."


We walked out of the store, and I nearly crashed into someone I was so anxious to get out.

"Sorry," I said hurriedly, not noticing whom I was even talking too.

"It's fine," I heard a very familiar voice say.

I looked into a pair of right blue eyes.

"God Derek! Can you seriously be anymore of a stalker?!" Brooke shrieked, annoyed.

"Why actually, yes. Yes I can," He said grinning.

"Just because I tell your mom that I'm coming here doesn't mean you need to come too," Brooke stated.

"How do you know I wasn't coming to see her?" Brooke gave him a 'duh, who would you EVER go that' look. "Because, she's celebrating your dad's birthday, duh."

"Okay whatever. I wasn't coming to see my mom. I came to see her,' He said pointing a finger at me. I look at Brooke questioningly.

"She doesn't want to talk to you!" Brooke said. "Come on, let's go." She tugged my sleeve. I wasn't about to ignore an order form her.

I didn't even look at him while I was leaving. What I didn't understand why, was why is she completely turning me off to him if she was trying to set us up for the future

We found her black mustang, and quickly got in. Instead of turning on the engine, she turned to me.

"Oh my goodness, this is so much fun!" She squealed. "Derek definitely wants you."

Huh? I haven't spoken two whole sentences to the guy.

"Come again?" I asked.

Brooke rolled her eyes. "Derek. Likes. You. He thinking you're smart or some junk like that. You know what you have to do, right? Play it cool. Try not to talk to him to much. Drives him wild. So, how are things coming along with Matt?" I opened my mouth to speak, but she stopped me. "Actually, I don't want to know. I trust you Ivey," She smiles and started the car.

"I don't know why I was such a bitch in the restaurant. You're actually pretty cool," Brooke said.

"Wow, means a lot," I said smiling. She laughed.

"By the way, Derek's family is over for my Uncle Peter's birthday. So Derek'll be back later. I think he's spending the night with my brother," She added with a wink.

I'm going to be spending the night in the same house as Derek? Holy craaaap. This is going to be awkwarddd!

Brooke was actually pretty cool too. We had a lot in common. A lot more than Michelle and I had unfortunately. I wonder what she's doing now…

"Ah! Ivey, look!" She said giggling into the computer. I snapped out of my Michelle thoughts and rolled my chair over to her.

I giggled once. Twice. I couple times. I was now hysterical laughing as well as Brooke.

"That picture is h-hilarious," I concluded tipsily. We may have had 2, or 5 glasses of wine…

It was a picture of Derek, when he was eight. He had shoulder length hair; a big toothy smile and big block think rimmed glasses. The camera was upfront in his face, looking somewhat down on him.

Hmmm… ah hah!

"This should be his picture in his 'about me'0on myspace! Like "Hey. I'm Derek. I used to look like a geeky girl," I said excitedly.

Brooke, I can tell, was excited too. "Hmm… I guess that means we're going to need his password… to the guest room!" She jumped out of her chair and fell back down. "I'm okay," She mumbled face down into the carpet. She was back up within the seconds.

"See, he practically lives here. I'm sure we'll find a clue somewhere." She said once we got into his room. HE wasn't home yet with her brother Jake, wherever they went. Jake and Brooke were twins, td they looked exactly alike. Duh, they are twins Ivey. I looked around the room. His computer was on. And on the Myspace home page! It had his email saved, but not his password.

"Well his email is I told her quickly.

Uhm… now for his password.

I looked around the room and saw some hockey things having on the walls. I guess you wouldn't really call this the guest room, since Brooke as right; he practically did live here.

"Hmm… it has something to do with hockey…" I said in a drunken stupor I thought my best when I was under the influence. Hah, not really that, just reeeaaalllllly tipsy.

"Hang on," I said realizing something and Brooke stopped snooping. "Georgia as in the team, and maybe the number is his favorite player…" I looked at the jersey and saw it was the Jersey Devils, number 21.

"Try Devils21," I commanded Brooke.

"Nope," She said at his computer. "Try just 'Devil21'." I volunteered.

"I'm in!" She shrieked, "God Ivey, you're a genius!"

I smiled. Michelle would have probably called me a stalker or something.

"Done and… done!" She said jumping up from his chair and giving me a high five.

We were giggling about what she just did, when I heard someone clear their throat.

Derek and Jake were standing there, looking pretty chill.

"Care to explain?" Derek asked.

"Uh, bye!" Brooke yelped taking me by the arm and leading me out fo the room.

"Wait… Ivey—" I turned around but Brooke interrupted.

"She doesn't want to talk to you!" She screamed slamming the door.

"Shits weak. Get your weight up. She's probably turned off by your muscular stature," I heard Jake say sarcastically to Derek.

I laughed. Brooke's right again, this was fun.

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