There is no fate

But this is no coincidence

Oh, what a sweet little prophet

Just keep telling me that to be alone is okay

All I need to know is

To go to sleep holding hands

Only means we will dream seperately

And to think so seperately

Only means to grow beautiful


There is

No need to share the pain because

We suffer seperately too

All I need is

A basket of ink and brightly coloured garments

This is no coincidence

I was born to love this logic


Someone tell me to be with another person

So I can refer to your counsel

I'm waiting

And changing

And my smiles are open for



I miss everyone quite suddenly

Not who they are but

Who they used to be

Its so beautiful

To miss these souls

So terribly


Girl plus mirror

Equals one percentage misery

And unless he asks me directly

To simply waste away with him

And be demolition lovers

Cowering under each

Fragile shadow

Then I won't mind if I'm dressed to the white

In lace and in silk

When it will suit someone better anyway


I definitely shouldn't share treasures


Their earthbound beauty and knowledge

Are almost meant to reflect

Everything I have expressed

Or someday will




Months pass

And people change

Months pass

And new lessons are learned

You can't always look

With such blind eyes



Focus on the