Happiness - instantaneous&incomplete

There was a princess, the earth-princess, she fell in love with a prince, the sun-prince, a sun that illuminated even the last earth's corner.

One time, just one time, the prince tried to take the princess's hand by the way, they agreed an eternal love.

Jealous, the moon's shadow wounded to the prince who had to return skies to be safe.

The moon's shadow, prince's twin, captured the princess by his side.

The earth began to grow dark till the night creation... cold... lonely..

full of stars, the princess escaped to the middle of those lights

Punishment - she died wounded by the same arrow that pierced the prince's heart.

From her blood, sunflowers bloomed, the princess's spirit mixed with those flowers.


Sunflowers face the sun

In search for the last song

"Do you remember me?

our meeting was before our births"

It's not sound good at all

You can't come to me saying such things

The past isn't something to make future

'cause there's a present.

Sunflowers face the sun

They know happiness is meaningless

"we will reincarnate into wind

to blow freely"

Does it really make sense?

You shouldn't repeat old mistakes.

The past isn't something to make future

'cause there's a present.