I revised Dear Imagination again... there's a few added on scenes, but I mainly did it to fix the little things that just pissed me off whenever I laid a fresh set of eyes on it.

THAT SAID, if you have this story in your "Story Alerts" and aren't interested in seeing edited/added scenes then I highly recommend you remove it! I'd do a "chapter replace" but the problem with that is the fact that while I'm adding/final editting it could take a few days (or weeks if something comes up) and since I'm trying to trim down the chapter count and eliminate short chapters, text would overlap or jump to random places between the edited and non-edited chapters. That would make it the shits for anybody who stumbles up on the story during the process and confusing as hell for me because I'm disorganized.

SO, I'm really sorry if this inconveniences you, but I'm just not sure if you guys would want a bunch of updates of a story you've read before. I'm probably not going to start for a few days.

And (for anybody who reads my other stuff) I haven't forgotten about anything else or focused all my energy into this, I've been working on this for a year.

To the whole plagiarism thing: No, I'm not taking it down because of some plagiarism scandal... it'd come down sometime in the future but probably not anytime soon and not for plagiarism-related reasons. That said (hahaha I like saying that) if you know of anybody who's claiming my work as their own or who's stolen my "idea" (not to toot my own horn, but there aren't too many stories online about "anthropophobic nymphomaniacs" crushing on chain smoking bullies) then personally fuck them up for me and let me know. Then proceed to talk shit about them in every chat room and forum godly possible. If you are planning to steal my story for your own personal uses, then you fucking suck, I'll find out and I'll kill you. Then I'll laugh about you with others. This is true and believe me; it's happened.

Hopefully, if all goes well, as we chortle and guffaw over your unending stupidity, you will curl up and die on your bathroom rug, depressed, with no friends. Then your dog will come in and pee on you. And Satan will giggle and take you to Hell to watch reruns of Hannah Montana until the end of time. As your eyes bleed and boil every time Miley Cyrus cracks an unfunny joke, I will simultaneously grow rich, prosperous, happy, superhuman powers and have great sex with Robert Pattinson and Edward Norton (Twilight sucks but I still find Pattinson hot... just not in his spooky ass Edward makeup) and we'll have beautiful children and live happily in the Promised Land with all my friends.


Old Author's Note(s) for people who haven't checked in like two years:

First off, yay I finished it. Finally. Phew. Hope you don't hate it as much as you could haha. If you haven't read it before then go ahead but if you read the old cruddy version then read below. :)

(for anybody who's read it before)

Hey, I deleted a lot of it. As mentioned on my profile page, I wasn't happy with the direction it went, and some parts dragged on a bit longer than I'd intended. It just sorta sucked... a lot. I got too caught up in writing it uber-quick. I hope I got the typos haha…. Anyway, much of it is the same, but I added/deleted a handful of stuff and I have the ending finally (I couldn't add more because I really don't know how to end it more appropriately)

Sorry to anybody who doesn't like the fixed one... but honestly, come on. That one was sort of strange.

I took down P.S, too. I might write a sequel but sequels tend to suck and as of now I haven't got anything down.

But thanks for the support!

Loly Darko