Daily Routines & White Out
by Meilanu

I take my pen out and write. Write away all my feelings, my thoughts, my pain, my heart.

As I sit in the far right corner, I occasionally gaze around to see if anyone's actually paying attention to what I'm doing (no one ever does) and to see if the teacher is walking in or not.

And as I look at my paper again, Mr. Montgomery, the biology/chemistry teacher finally enters at exactly 7:43 and apologizes for being late. He prepares the day's lessons and organizes his desk. He begins roll call and finally calls out my name.

I state that I am present and then the day begins.

This is the same routine that I have been going through for the last two school years. Yes, I was stuck with having him for both Biology and Chemistry.

I brought a notebook with me everyday to let out my feelings. I'm not emo or anything, it's just easier for me this way. An escape.

However, this time...there was something that was very off...very unusual.

I wrote two words that I usually hid deep in the labyrinths of my conscious, a thought that I wanted to die out, a thought that was on the brink of fading out, until it was redeemed. I didn't want to be reminded of this...

Nathan Williams

A name that everyone at the school knew. A title to a human that held a high place in the halls of Wall Creek High. A forbidden phrase that was never to be written in my handwriting.

I grabbed my pencil case and sought out the little blue object that let out white tape. I placed it gently over the forbidden phrase and the tape rolled over it, as if the words were never written.

I pick up my notebook and look at it from afar. I am pleased that the words aren't legible with the white out over it. I continue to write again, and my other thoughts cloud over it.

Just like how it's always been, just like how it will always be until the words die from my conscious. They would soon be forgotten. The room that these words reside in will be empty soon...

"Mr. Williams...nice of you to join us this morning." Mr. Montgomery announced.

At the door, he entered. There wasn't a simple way to describe him, but he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

"What can I say, Mr. Montgomery? I'm loved at the office." His excuse every day.

Did I happen to say that this was part of the daily routine as well?

A/N: A random thought in drabble form. This never happened to me nor to anyone I know, but yeah. Wall Creek isn't real (I think) and it's sort of two ideas into one. When Nathan says "I'm loved at the office", he's basically saying that the people at the office enjoys talking to him orr the girls there keep him busy. Hope you enjoyed it It obviously wasn't exactly romantic, seeing as the main character was in denial, but it was still...kinda...okay?

Oh, sorry for the lack of updates for my other stories x(