"What'd you say you little bitch?" Joe yells at Mary-Rose, hovering over her.

"N-Nothing" She was huddling in the corner crying.


Joe turns and walks out of the deserted classroom leaving Mary-rose crying and scared.

Mary-Rose continues to cry and shake. 'What did I do to deserve this?' She asks her self. After 10 minutes, she finally got up and left. When she got home she found her mom on the couch crying.

"Mom? What's wrong?" She sat next to her mom and pulled her into a hug.

"Y-Your father… h-he left us." Her mom started sobbing uncontrollably.

Mary-Rose just held her mom until she stopped crying.

"Are you okay honey?" Her mom asked

"How will we be able to live? Dad paid for everything."

"I know. That's why I've taken this job as a maid for this family."

Mary-Rose just starred at her mom with a blank expression.

"And you'll be working with me as well. Your father is selling the house, so I talked to my employers and they said we could stay there. You'd have your own room and bathroom of course."

"When do we leave?" she said with a sigh

"Tomorrow. You'll need to skip school for just that day."

Mary-Rose smiled inwardly at this. 'YES! I won't have to deal with Joe for a day.'

She just nodded and went to her room to pack. The next morning her mom woke her up at 5 am to gather all their things and pack them in the truck. Two hours later they were finally done.

"Whew. We sure did have a lot of stuff." Her mom said laughing. She put her arm around her daughter who was looking at the house. "Don't worry," she said "We'll have a much better life. Come on lets go. "

With one last look at the house. Mary-Rose and her mom drove off to their new lives.