You call me insecure
But what do you know
You never had to earn my love
It was always there when you needed it to show

No I wasn't perfect
But at least I gave a shit
I didn't make you struggle
My love never quit

You turned cold and callous
You make it seem like you don't care
I know that you don't need me
You wouldn't care if I was there

I never made you earn anything
Especially not twice
Your words are sharp and cold
Opening a new wound with every slice

But I will take all this
I will earn it all again
I don't give a shit what it takes
I am here to the end

So say I have no faith
Believe what you must
For I believe what you say
It's you who doesn't trust

I am doing what I can
I want this to work
I am sorry for asking questions
I guess that makes me a jerk

But you don't know how I feel
You haven't had to earn shit
I gave you my love
I am the one who doesn't quit

Don't call me insecure
Unless you are sure you are not
Try having faith in us
Or is that something you forgot