I want to suck bullets from between your teeth
& draw butterflies on your cheekbones, light blue and glitter white,

I watch your fingers pick out notes on your guitar
your voice whispering the words in my ear
while my fingers write parallels in the stars & my eyes slip closed,
the tunnels in my mind spin spiral, neon & dark
I can't catch my breath; Armageddon dances at the edge of your mouth
I shake when you drag your nails down my legs,
my jeans are to thick.

the colors shooting through my bloodstream catch me by the throat
& throw me against rough hallucinations and forgotten sleepy promises,
I splinter into your hands (you make me bleed- I beg I beg)
the taste of freedom is on your skin I bite you until I'm so full I scream again
& again & again and the sky falls down around us (the pieces look like rainbow fireflies
and slam into the ground like beer bottles, shattering and ricocheting off our legs)

I rip my skin apart for you, the minute stops-
I bite down on the bullets between your teeth, they spark.

you are just a craving.