"...and then instead of that job I thought I was going to, my 'employers' fucking ambushed me!"

Orion blocked the blow that was aimed at his head, then followed up with a blow to Blake's stomach using the butt of his polearm.

It had become an ongoing routine of sorts. After their first fight at Rayce's makeshift dojo, the two had instantly adopted each other as training buddies, and tried to meet back there a few times a week. That, or Blake would drag Orion down there when he needed to vent. Like now.

Blake grunted in pain as the pole was rammed into his gut, effectively knocking the dragon back a few feet. Gripping the hilt of his katana tightly, he charged for Orion, aiming for his shoulder. But just as the the younger man raised up his polearm to block the attack, Blake pulled back, swinging around to Orion's other side and nailing the silver haired man just below his ribs.

He felt a little guilty about the move when he heard Orion cry out, but it was soon pushed from the assassin's mind as he was whacked on the side of the head by the pole bit of Orion's weapon. That was quickly followed by a sharp pain shooting through the dragon's back as the blade of the polearm bit into his skin, causing Blake to once again find himself on the floor.

Yeah, he probably had that one coming.

Orion grinned at his small victory and wearily made his way over to where the dragon lay, using his polearm for support. He held his hand out to help the smaller man up, smirking in amusement as crimson eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"I'm about ready for a break. You?"

Blake hesitated for a moment before accepting the other's hand, nodding.

"Sounds like a plan."

The two of them slowly made their way over to where they left their bags. Thankfully, Orion remembered to borrow a first aid kit from Rinanto, and they spent the next twenty minutes or so talking and bandaging up the more serious injuries.

Well, Orion talked. Blake just sat there and quietly listened, putting in his opinions every so often.

The dragon dug around his duffle bag for a few moments and pulled out a small bottle of pain killers. He handed a couple to Orion and then proceeded to dump a small handful of the little white pills into his mouth, dry swallowing a couple at a time. Orion rolled his eyes, grinning.

"You really don't need that much, you know."

Blake shrugged, stretching out his cramped muscles. "Bad habit I picked up over the years. Been doing it for so long it doesn't bother me anymore."

"Pill popper."

"Maybe just a bit."

Orion smiled, shaking his head. Having never really hung out like this before, the two had never been particularly close. That was quickly changing, though, as a small bond of friendship was building around their fights.

A rather abusive friendship, sure, but still a friendship none the less.

"...Oi, Blake. Up for one more round before we head home?"

Blake glanced over at the silver-haired man and looked him over, taking note of the large bruises and the many blood soaked bandages. The dragon could just imagine how beat up he himself looked.

Getting up, Blake stretched, wincing as his still bleeding back cracked. He smirked at Orion.

"Sure you're up to it?"

His answer was Orion jumping to his feet and charging at the dragon, polearm raised to strike. Grinning widely, Blake lept out of the way, swinging his katana at the taller man's legs as he passed.

This time around, the fight was more fast paced as each of them tried to one up the other. Somewhere along the way they both lost their weapons, and the fight had quickly changed turned to good old fashioned hand-to-hand.

Orion felt he was doing fairly well so far, having backed the assassin into a corner. So the silver haired man was quite surprised when a well placed kick to the chest on Blake's part sent him flying halfway across the room.

Wiping away the blood that was trickling down his lip, Blake walked over to where Orion lay, cocky grin in place.

"Ya done?" he asked, nudging Orion in the side with his foot.

What happened next was so fast it even caught Blake by surprise.

Before the dragon could react, Orion reached over and grabbed his leg, pulling Blake down onto the floor next to him. Grabbing the polearm from his right, Orion rolled on top of Blake, holding one arm above his head while he pinned the assassin's legs beneath his own. Blake put up a vicious struggle and tried to push the the silver haired man off with his free hand. Feeling the cool blade of the other's polearm against his throat helped convince him to stop, however, and he instead settled on glaring daggers at the duel monster. Oh, if looks could kill...

Orion grinned triumphantly.

"I do believe you just lost" he said smugly, causing the glare that was aimed at him to deepen.

Unfortunately for Orion, his victory was rather short lived. The younger man's eyes widened in surprise as cool, sharp metal was suddenly pressed firmly against his throat. He glanced at the dagger being held just beneath his chin and turned to glare at a now smirking Blake.

"Okay, now that's not fair." Blake shrugged. Well, as well as he could while being pinned.

"Never stop to gloat. Otherwise..." The dragon trailed off, smirk never leaving his face.

The two stayed in that position for almost five minuets, neither one wanting to give in to the other. But their little waiting game was interupted by an all to familiar laugh.

"Ya know, you two really need to get a room."

Blake and Orion looked up to see a far to amused Ciaran leaning in the doorway. The vampire smirked.

"I'm sorry, am I intruding on something? Do your boyfriends know that you're cheating on them? Not that I really blame either of you, of course."

Blake groaned and and caught Orion's eye, both having the same thought cross their mind. Orion grinned, nodding in Ciaran's direction.

"Truce?" Blake smirked, nodding.


Ciaran blinked in surprise as the two got to their feet, and started to get a little nervous as they stalked toward him. The vampire backed away slowly, grinning worriedly.

"Hey, come on. You know I was just kidding, right? Right? Ah, shit! I don't wanna die again!"