I preferred the stand-offs and tears

Over this fucked up relationship

The silence was much more beautiful

Than the lies your curs├ęd mouth creates

Moments pass and you keep smiling

Like nothing ever happened

Expecting me to forgive

After the hell you put me through.

The tears I shed will never be forgotten

And the words you wrote that formed them.

You said you made a mistake, but you were wrong,

I was the best damn thing that ever happened to you

And still it wasn't good enough for you.

Confrontation - what a joke!

You know that it solved nothing

We looked at each other, up and down,

Said our apologies and 'I love yous'

And went back to hating each other

This time, only in secret

We'll wave and laugh and pretend to care

(Even though it's obvious that you don't)

And fucking anger was better than

This false life that we're living.