Across the sea, so far away

two lovers were parted, on a once merry day

one was royalty, the other a stray

the kingdom went quiet, when word was spread

and the beggars found it hard to believe the stray

for two worlds as different as this

changes the heart of people, whether or not they're rich

so unlike forbidden tales, where the prince can no longer see

the stray decided to wed the prince, secrety

as dearly as they loved, and frolicked away

it became apparant two those who opposed their lovers ways

the children were seperated, from each other again

the straywas hanged, for bewitching the prince

and the prince watched, from begining, to end

god gave him power, or so he was told

so he ruled while leaving no heir to the throne, until he died

of sixty and five years old

and the legend grew, in other lands

till' it crossed the sea, and came to my hands

the moral in this story, though very rare

is though some think its wrong, love can appear