It's been a long long time my friend

Since I last questioned the message you try to send

But there are things around me My God, My Lord

DIstresses I can't let go ignored

We both knew that glory would never last

I'm sorry to tell you that your time has passed

It wasn't your intent, but as they say

Killers by mistake are imprisoned anyway

My God, I know that you meant well

But the lives slain in your name are too many to tell

And your word and your voice have been twisted and tainted

While rapists and liars are worshipped and sainted

The hole we dug for ourselves, I'm not sure how

But your house and your stories won't save us now

The ones you created are beyond your command

And cries for more can be heard beneath the sand

So pull back your troops and send them all home

And round up your sheep, wherever they roam

You need to take a step back today

So mankind, through the darkness, find their own way

And one night, perhaps, when the world shows we may

All of us can fold our hands

and pray.