Comfort From A Stranger
Keira Hime

Its the end of another school year. Summer is just beginning and a young girl named Victoria has just graduated from highschool. She received top honors and is quite a sight of beauty. She is about 5"5 and a slim and slender build. She has long light brown hair and beautiful hazel colored eyes. She is fair skinned and one of the prettiest people that went to her school. Though she has never had a boyfriend in her highschool career she is still optimistic that her prince charming would one day find her. She had just lost her grandmother a few months back, leaving her gramps to take care of himself. So she promised him that once she graduates she would go live with him until he would be good enough to take care of himself.

So here she is, in a car with her dad driving toward her gramps' house. It's a small apartment building for the elderly, but Victoria doesn't mind. She loves the place; it is so quiet and peacfull. The surroundings are amazing too. About a five minutes walk there is a beautiful beach. Right before you get to the beach there is a huge field with a big willow tree right in the middle of it. It is her favourite spot in the whole neighbourhood. When she was a child her brother and her would come stay with their grandparents. Her brother would run around the field with his ball while she would go sit down against the tree and either draw a picture or read a book. She has always been one who kept to herself but she was fine with it. She loved her personal time. That was when she would think about her future or just enjoy some quiet time, bacause her brother would never leave her alone cause he was the youngest and never had anyone to play with.

"Okay honey we're here." Victoria snapped out of her past memories as her father's words registered into her head. She looked around at her surroundings and sure enough there it was the small building, the field and her beloved willow tree. She couldn't wait to go sit under it and think.

"Okay dad, I guess I'll take it from here," said Victoria as she got out of the car.

"Now Tori, what kind of father would I be if I just let you go there all by yourself? And not to mention what a bad son I would be, now I'm coming up so just leave the bags there and I'll bring them up," said her father, Raymond.

"Okay dad, I guess you can do it," said Victoria as she stood there waiting for her dad to get her bags. Once the two had everything Victoria punched in the code and the door to the apartment building flew open. She went inside and quickly pressed the elevator button. In under a minute the doors slide open and the two got in. It was a while since Victoria had been here. As a matter of fact the last time she was here was when her grandmother died and they came to visit her gramps. Those heart aching emotions came back to her, the ones of her grandmother who she spent a lot of time with as a child. You see Victoria never got over her grandmother's death but she never showed it. She wanted to stay strong for everyone's sake. So here she was on the verge of tears but instead she put on a smile and walked towards her gramps apartment.

When Victoria knocked on the door, her gramps opened it. He had a big smile on his face when he laid eyes on his only grand daughter.

"Tori! Raymond! You two finally came, I was getting quite lonely here waiting for you two to show up," said Victoria's gramps, Steven.

"Sorry gramps we took some time but we're here now! Oh I missed this place so much!" said Victoria as she went to sit on the couch.

"Hi dad how are you feeling?" asked Raymond as he walked in and put his daughter's stuff in the bed room.

"I've been fine," said gramps with a faint smile on his face, trying to hide the pain of lossing his wife. Raymond saw it but thought it would be best to just leave it alone.

Victoria then got up and went to the kitchen. "So do you guys want some tea?" she asked as she pulled out a kettle and put some water in it. Both men smiled at her and nodded. She already knew how they liked their tea so she didn't have to ask. Fifteen minutes later Victoria came back out from the kitchen and gave them both their cup of tea. She then went back in the kitchen and got her cup. They sat there and talked for a bit until her dad had to go. He was supposed to be at work but took the day off and now he got a phone call from Kyle, Victoria's younger brother, telling Raymond that he needs to go pick him up from soccer practice. So he left. Victoria gave him a hug and a kiss before he left.

So now it was just Victoria and her Gramps. She loved spending time with him when she was younger and knew that it would still be the same. It was around 1 in the afternoon so she thought that she would make him a late lunch. She pulled out the bread and the works, making two sandwiches. They both ate happily. Once they were finished eating Victoria went into the kitchen and cleaned up. Her gramps was in the living room watching TV. He offered to help but she scolded him saying she came there to help so he can relax. In defeat he sat back down and watched TV. Once Victoria was done with cleaning the kitchen she went and sat down beside her gramps.

"So gramps how has everything been around here?" asked Victoria.

"It's been fine, really quiet though," he answered.

"Oh really what about Anggie and Greg, they usualy come by don't they?" said Victoria.

"Oh yes they make sure to come by eveyday just to see how I'm doing." he said.

"Well that's good, at least you still have company," said Victoria.

"Yes but now that you are here I don't have to be lonely anymore."

"Oh well of course I would have come sooner but I had to finish up my school," said Victoria.

"Oh yes it's okay, I've had lots of people keeping me busy, Greg's grandson came by a few times too, you remember him, Ted?" he asked.

"Oh My gosh Teddy still comes by! I haven't seen that guy in ages!" said Victoria thinking about one of her friends from when she was a kid.

"Yeah he'll probably come by again real soon. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you again," said her gramps. Victoria just smiled and seen that her gramps was starting to yawn.

"Gramps why don't you go lay down for a while. I want to go for a walk anyways, once I get back I'll cook something," said Victoria.

"Are you sure Tori? I could cook you know I'm not incapable ," he stated.

"Gramps I know you're not but I just want to help you out, I promise if you really want you can cook tomorrow, okay?" asked Victoria.

"Okay but don't be gone for too long," he said as he went into his room. Victoria then went to her room and opened up her suitcase. She was wearing her big sweat pants and a t-shirt. She was getting kind of hot so she pulled out her favorite skirt which was a blue jean skirt, and then she got her pink tank top out. She went into the washroom and changed. Once she finished changing she pulled out her hair tie that was keeping her light brown hair up in a lose ponytail. She combed it out and decided she looked good, then slipped on her flip flops and walked out of the building.

The first thing she did was walk down the path towards the big field it was her daily routine when she was little. She would go with her grandmother. They would walk hand in hand, just happy to be together. Those were the memories that would always put Victoria at the verge of tears. She would always think about the moments that the two of them shared. None of those memories would cause any tears to fall. They would form in her eyes but she was reluctant to let them fall. She promised herself that she would stay strong, if not for herself then for her gramps. As she reached the field she slowly walked towards the willow tree. She marvelled at the beauty of the tree. She always loved it. Just standing underneath the tree made her feel like she was floating. It was her little haven as a child and still to this day.

Victoria sat down. She had her notebook in her hand, the one with all her stories and ideas. She had started writting when she went to highschool and ever since then she has been improving. She won many contests with her work and was the school's best journalist. So she sat there and wrote her story. Her favorite genre was to write romance stories. She had her own characters and the response from readers were always amazing. She enjoyed it and even though many people thought of her as an outcast she honestly wasn't. If she wanted, Victoria could have been the most popular person at her school, but she chose to be by herself. She found comfort with herself. That was when she was younger now she needs the comfort of others. She needs to feel the love of her loved ones. Her hobby as a writter always kept her going but she can't stand being lonley, not anymore. She is a romantic at heart and knows that one day she will find someone. As she was writting she thought of what her grandmother said 'Tori, I know you like to be on your own, but to have people love you is not always a bad thing. I promise when you find him you will feel as if you are in heaven, so let people in your life it can do wonders for you.' The wise words of her grandmother stung. She wished that she had let people in earlier in her life but it was too late now. Now she was by herself.

Unwanted tears fell down her face for the first time in many months. She quickly brushed them away. She then closed her eyes, and listened to her surrounding. She needed to find her peace. The noises of nature soothed her, it made her feel whole. She felt as if someone was watching over her. Like they were protecting her. She loved the feeling. But then she felt cold, she couldn't feel the warmth of the sun on her skin. So she opened her eyes, and her hazel eyes were in contact with the most gorgeous eyes that she had ever laid her eyes on. The gorgeous emerald eyes belonged to an even more gorgeous guy. He had dirt blond hair and very nice tanned skin. When Victoria eyes locked on his she couldn't move away. The mysterious guys bent down and reached for her face. Victoria was immobilized by shock.

"Hey there why are you crying?" said the mystery man as he wiped away her tears, ones that she didn't even know were there. Victoria looked surprised that she was crying. She had promised herself and now that promise was broken.

"Do you mind if I sit?" he asked since she never responded to him. The only response was of her was a curt nod. So her sat down. "So what's your name?"

"Uh...Victoria Hamlin but everyone calls me Tori," said Victoria, finally finding her composure.

"Oh hi Tori my name is Damian Sanders but most people call me Ian," he said with a big smile making him look even hotter.

"Hi Damian," said Tori not using his nickname.

"Just call me Ian," he said.

"Could I just call you Damian I don't know why but I like that name," she said

"Yeah sure. So tell me what are you doing out here by yourself?" Damian asked.

"Well I'm staying with my grandfather right now, at least for the summer," she answered.

"Really?! My grandparents just moved here and I'm staying with them for the month. Cause they need help for the small things and since I just finished school I thought that I'd come help them."

"Oh wow thats so sweet, I've never met a guy who volunteers on his own to take care of the elderly," said Victoria.

"Well I'm no ordinary guy!" said Damian flashing his grin again.


"Yeah," he answered.

"Why did you come and sit with me?" asked Victoria.

"Uh well lets just say that I seen a pretty lady sitting by herself and then the tears down her face made me feel like I had to cheer her up so I came to sit," said Damian with a smile. Victoria blushed, this was the first time a guy actually made her blush. Sure there were many guys who had asked her out but most of them were really creepy, Damian on the other hand seemed so genuine. "Ah there we go, I think I've managed to do what I sought out on doing!" he exclaimed.

"Oh my gosh stop it!" she said as she punched his arms playfully. She was starting to get used to him, and thought that they could be friends.

"Well seeing as I've cheered you up I should head back to my grandparents before they hurt themsleves but I do hope that I meet you again soon pretty lady!" said Damian as he ran back towards the building.

Victoria sat there she felt like she was in heaven at that moment. 'Is this what you were talking about Gramma? The way I feel right now seems like I'm in heaven is it cause of him? Some stranger who brought happiness into my life in just five minutes when all my life I couldn't do it myself?' thought Victoria. She just wished she would get a response. Victoria then got up. She brushed off her skirt and grabbed her notebook. She was going to go to the beach but decided she had all summer to go there. So instead she went back into the building, and see what her gramps was up to.

Victoria went back inside the apartment to see that Steven had already gotten up, and was in the kitchen. She took off her shoes and stomped into the kitchen. "Gramps!!!! I told you to relax today, I told you that I'd cook dinner tonight!" she scolded him.

"Sorry Tori but you were gone and since you'll probably be cooking everynight I thought I'd help out tonight and look I'm almost done anyways, so why don't you go sit down and relax, while I finish up in here?" said Steven.

"Gramps! I told you that I would do it... well I guess it can't be helped but from now on please let me do it," said Victoria.

"Yes, yes I promise now go relax while I finish up here," said Steven. Victoria went into the living room and turned on the TV as she really had nothing better to do at the time. She put it on a music channel and just sat there. Her thoughts trailed from her school, to her family, and then to her grandmother. When she started to think about her grandmother tears started to form in her eyes again. One lone tear fell down. Victoria felt it and wiped it away, then out of no where a vision of emerald eyes appeared. The sight of Damian made her smile. The thought of this guy just made her feel happy like she was safe. The thought of that one person, in all her life, made her feel like nothing could hurt her, nothing would ever be able to get near her. Victoria was just sitting on the couch thinking about Damian, with a silly smile on her face. Steven walked into the room, and seen his grand daughter smiling. He was happy to see that she wasn't sad and that there was an actual smile on her face. He slowly walked up to her and patted her on the shoulder, trying to get her attention.

Victoria jumped, with the sudden feeling of someone else touching her. She looked up to see her gramps standing behind her with a smile on his face.

"Hey gramps," she said lightly.

"The food is ready. Did you want to eat right now or in a bit?" asked Steven.

"I'm not really hungry right now, I have a lot on my mind. Can we eat in a bit?" asked Victoria.

"Of course. So then what do you want to do right now?" asked Steven.

"I don't know. Lets...just sit here for a while, you know talk and stuff. I haven't done that in a while," said Victoria.

"Okay so what do you want to talk about?" asked Steven.

"I don't know, do you want to know anything about me?" asked Victoria.

"Well lets see," said Steven as he placed his thumb and index finger on his chin. "Oh yes I forgot how was your walk?"

"Oh it was good I only made it to the willow tree. It was all just how it used to be when I was a child. I sat down under it for a while and wrote," said Victoria.

"Sounds just like the old times," said Steven

"Yea...I was thinking about the old days, when me and Kyle would come over. And how Gamma and you would take us out to the park, I really miss those days gramps," said Victoria.

"Yeah me too, I miss every moment of it."

"Oh and I met this guy named Damian he just came and sat down beside me. He was really nice. He told me that he is here for the month to help his grand parents."

"Oh that's nice, you need to get out more maybe this Damian guy will be perfect for you," said Steven teasing his grand daughter a little.


"Okay, I won't say anything about him anymore," said Steven

"Okay I think we should go eat before you say anything else about my social life," said Victoria as she got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. She set the table, putting two plates and cups on the table and then getting the food set too. Once she was done setting the table she called Steven over. The two ate dinner merrily. It was one of those moments for them where they enjoyed the company of each other. No awkward moments. It's the kind of life that Victoria loved. Spending time with her loved ones, just to live the moment and not worry about the future.

Once dinner was done Victoria cleaned up, refusing any help that her gramps offered. Once she was done cleaning she looked up at the time and seen that it was only 8:30 p.m. She went back into the living room and seen that her gramps wasn't there. She assumed that he was in his room so she went to go check. She knocked on the door and heard a stifled 'come in.' Victoria walked in and found her gramps sitting on his bed with a book in his hand. She smiled at him.

"I just wanted to see what you were up to, I guess I'll go shower now. See you in the morning Gramps!" said Victoria with enthusiasm as she left the room. Victoria then went into the washroom and took a nice long shower. Once she was done she stepped out of the bath and wrapped herself in a towel. She went into her room and pulled out her Pj's. She had a pair of yellow cotton pants and a matching yellow tank top that had a cute little bunny on it. Once she was done getting changed she went to blow dry her hair. After everything was done she seen that it was around 9:23 p.m. Victoria was still wide awake so she jumped on her bed and pulled out her diary. She wrote her entry then started to get a little sleepy. She decided that it was time for bed and put her book away. Turned of the light and slowly fell into a deep slumber thinking about her past and...Damian.

x x x x x

The next few days were all the same Victoria would wake up and make breakfast. Once her gramps was done she would clean up and then they would either sit and talk with Anggie and Greg when they stop by or they (they being Tori and steven) would go for a walk along the beach. Then they would either go about their own bussiness until lunch, where Steven would usually make somthing cause he would always be at the house earlier than Victoria. After a few days Victoria gave up and told him that he can make lunch for them, since she loved his cooking a lot. Then after lunch Steven would usually go for a nap and Victoria would go for her walk to the willow tree. It is there that she would sit and write. Everyday that would be her time, which usually involved Damian dropping by and talking to her. Over the few days that they talked the two became really close. Actual friends, something that Victoria lacked.

It had been a good week now, since Victoria first got there. She was sitting in her room at the moment. She had just had breakfast with Steven, and had her morning walk with him. Now he had gone to the lounge area on the main floor of the apartment building. So Victoria was in her room just listening to her music when she heard a knock on her door. She knew that it couldn't be Gramps cause he had a set of keys to the apartment, so she ran to the entrance of the apartment. When she opened the door, she came across a rather handsome guy. His face held one of shock. He had chestnut brown hair and amazing light brown colored eyes. He was rather tall and looked quite built from the muscle shirt that he was wearing.

"H-hi..." said Victoria as she looked at him.

The boy immidiately realized who the person was from her voice. His face changed from one of shock to one of pure delight.

"Tori, is that you, my how you've grown," said the guy with a grin plastered on his face.

" we know each other?" asked Victoria a little confused.

"Ouch that hurts to think you forgot all about your child hood teddy bear," said the guy in a dramatic way. Then Victoria remembered. Her eyes wide with shock.

"OH MY GOD IS THAT REALLY YOU TEDDY!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I COULDN'T RECOGNIZE YOU! AND MIGHT I ADD YO-" before Victoria could finish Teddy placed his hands up to her mouth and leaned down towards her ear.

"Tori, you should calm down before everyone comes out in the hallway and gets really mad at us," said Ted, talking into her ear. Victoria could feel his warm breath caress her ear sending shivers down her spine. She just nodded to him and walked back into the apartment leading him in.

"So what was it that you were gonna say before I interrupted you?" asked Ted as he raised a brow.

"Oh just that you look really good your self," said Victoria as she grabbed onto one of her only friends as a kid. She hugged him, as he did the same to her. She felt at peace.

"Oh really?" he said with merriment.

"Yes, now come on we need to catch up. It's been ages since I last saw you!" said Victoria with excitment as she pulled him into the living room. She pulled him down on the couch and sat with him. He had his arm slung around her shoulder as they talked. The two sat there for a good two hours just talking until Steven walked back into the apartment. When he walked in he seen a pair of unfamiliar shoes. He then heard laughter in the living room and walked in to see that Victoria was sitting with Ted.

"My Ted it's you," said Steven as he looked at his grand daughter.

"Hi Mr. Hamlin," said Ted as he got up and walked towards Steven with his hands out-stretched. Steven took his hand and shook it.

"So how have you been I haven't seen you in a while," said Steven.

"Yeah I've been busy with the shop but I came by to say hi and ended up bumping into Tori," said Ted.

"Oh I see that must have been a nice surprise," said Steven.

"Oh yes a nice surprise indeed," said Ted as he looked over to Victoria.

"Well I guess I should get going, before gramps wonders where I've gone to," said Ted as he walks towards the door.

"Yes tell Greg I said hi, since he didn't come by today," said Steven.

"I will sir," said Ted.

Victoria got up from the couch and walked with him to the door. "So you should come by again real soon or give me a call," said Victoria. "I've missed talking to you."

"Yea I've missed you too. I'd call you but I don't really have your number," said Ted.

"Oh yeah of course you don't," said Victoria as she smacked her forehead. She then turned around and got a pen and paper. She scribbled her number on it and gave it to him. Ted took it from her and gave her a hug. He quickly kissed her on the cheek and ran off.

"Bye Tori! I'll talk to you soon!"

Victoria just stood there and soon felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see Steven standing there with a smile on his face.

"Shall I get lunch started now?" Victoria just nodded and walked back into the apartment.

x x x x x

Later on that day Victoria went for her walk to the willow tree. Today she decided to take her diary to the tree so she could write and look back on the things she wrote back when she was younger. She made her way to the tree and sat down in her spot. She opened her book and looked back to her past entries. Around the time that she was 13 years old. She read the entry where she wrote about her first day at highschool.

'Dear diary,

Well today was my first day in highschool and I gotta say it was scary. Tess and Linda left me all alone here. They went to another school and now I don't even have any friends here. I'm not complaining cause I can handle being by my self but still I miss them so much! I do wish that I had someone to comfort me once in a while, I am getting tired of it all. I hope that my years here will not be that bad.'

Victoria smiled at the memories of her best friends; Tess and Linda. She missed them so much and couldn't bare it for a while. She started to flip the pages in her diary as a page caught her attention. It was tear-stained. Right away she knew what entry it was. The one on the day of her Grand mother's funeral. Fresh tears fell down her face as she looked over the page.

'Dear diary,

What am I suposed to do. The last female in my life is gone. First it was mom and now gramma, I can't take it anymore! Why do I always have to suffer? Why do I always end up alone in the end? Am I really hated that much? I miss mom so much but gramma was always there to keep me happy. To give me a girls perspective on things but now I don't even have her any more. I won't ever see her or mom. I'm just tired of it all. All my life I've had to be alone, Dad and Kyle were always too busy with their own things, that I was never able to spend time with them! Today was just so heart breaking. I couldn't stop crying. Gramps was so sullen, he had no emotions on his face and neither did dad. Until the end of the funeral. When they finally put gramma in her grave dad started to cry. But at least he had both his parents till he was old with his own family. Kyle and I will never have that because mom is already gone. I just wish I could have someone to comfort me, to keep my mind off the loss, but I have no one. Anyone would do, even a stranger but I don't think I'll ever have that kind of luck.'

Victoria started to cry all over again, actual sobs coming from her petit body. She closed her eyes and the tears trailed down her face. She soon fell asleep thinking of her gramma. Her tear-stained face was calm, but you could tell that there was anguish in her face.

x x x x x

Damian was slowly walking towards the willow tree. He had just come back from a jog around the near by park. He was content with his run, since physical activities were always one of his favourite pass times. He knew that Victoria was at the willow tree, that was the time she would set out for herself. Once he got to the tree he seen Victoria sitting against the tree, but her eyes were closed. And her breathing was slow, she was asleep. He looked at her and smiled. He had gotten to like Victoria in the week that they had met. She was just so breath taking and so beautiful that he couldn't keep his eye's off of her. She looked so peaceful, but as he got closer to her he noticed that her face was tear-stained. He got curious as to why she would cry and then fall asleep. He sat down beside her and noticed a book in her hand, her fingers acting as a bookmark saving a spot in the book. When he looked at the book more closely he noticed that it was a diary. At first he was reluctant in reading it since it was her personal thoughts but then seeing that she was crying and a certain spot in the book was saved he decided to see what was on it.

Damian gentily took the book from her hands and opened it up, making sure not to lose the page that she had been reading. He started to read the page...

'Dear diary,

What am I suposed to do. The last female in my life is gone. First it was mom and now gramma, I can't take it anymore! Why do I always have to suffer? Why do I always end up alone in the end? Am I really hated that much? I miss mom so much but gramma was always there to keep me happy. To give me a girls perspective on things but now I don't even have her any more. I won't ever see her or mom. I'm just tired of it all. All my life I've had to be alone, Dad and Kyle were always too busy with their own things, that I was never able to spend time with them! Today was just so heart breaking. I couldn't stop crying. Gramps was so sullen, he had no emotions on his face and neither did dad. Until the end of the funeral. When they finally put gramma in her grave dad started to cry. But at least he had both his parents till he was old with his own family. Kyle and I will never have that because mom is already gone. I just wish I could have someone to comfort me, to keep my mind off the loss, but I have no one. Anyone would do, even a stranger but I don't think I'll ever have that kind of luck.'

After Damian read what she wrote he felt his heart ache for her. To lose everything and not have anyone to comfort her, must be hard. He decided to read on to see what else she wrote.

'Dear diary,

Well I'm really excited to go live with gramps. I know most people would call me crazy to go live with the elderly, but you know me, all my life I've loved it. After all I basically grew up there. I missed him so much. The last time I was there was when I went to see him after gramma died. I know he felt heart broken but he stayed strong. I can't wait to go see him tomorrow!'

Damian couldn't help but smile at how sweet she was. She was right most people would think that she was crazy to go live with her grand dad. He would know cause when he told his friends where he was going to be for the month they all thought that he was crazy. Then he read on, wanting to know what she wrote about the next day, when she got here and when she met him.

'Dear diary,

Well I'm finally here, my home away from home! And I'm really excited to be here. I missed this place so much. I helped gramps with lunch and everything then I went to see how much the neighborhood had changed. I was so excited to see my willow tree. Yes my willow tree, after all I grew up sitting beside it most of my child hood! While I went to go sit beside the tree I couldn't help but think about all the memories of gramma. I never wanted to cry again but in the end I started to cry! honestly though I didn't even realize I was crying until a certain cute guy came by and wiped them away. I've got to say I've never felt as safe as I've felt today with him. Gramma I don't know what to say, the words you told me about how when I find him I will feel as if I'm in heaven, I think Damian makes me feel like that. He comforted me in a way no one was ever able to do. all I know is that it is a foreign feeling but in the best way possible. This is the first time in a long time that I have let anyone into my life. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.'

Damian was smiling the whole time as he read this entry. From the moment her read the word cute he couldn't stop smiling. He looked down at her and wrapped his arms around her. He closed the book, happy with the information he gathered. He just sat there with her in his arms as she slept. He was observing her beauty and couldn't help but wonder why no one ever talked to her or helped her during her tough times. She was such a sweet person and yet no one cared for her. For a second he was angered but looking at her face again he was calmed.

Victoria was sleeping soundly in his arms. She instinctively snuggled closer to her warm pillow as his hold on her tightened. After a while she slowly opened her eyes to feel the warmth of another. She looked up to see Damian looking down at her with a smile. His handsome face even more appealing with the smile. She smiled at him and then slowly sat up straight. The moment that the two left each other's arms, they felt a longing. Then Victoria noticed that her diary wasn't in her hands. She had a look of pure shock on her face. She was in a state of panic.

'Where is my diary!!!!!!'

Damian realized why she was panicing and pulled the book from his side and placed it in her lap. She looked up and at him and then held a look of malice.

"Did you read my diary!?!?!" she screamed at him.

"Hehe...I..uh...might have," said Damian as he looked at her nervously.

"Damian those were my personal thoughts, no one ever read them and here you are snooping through them!!!" she yelled again.

"I'm sorry, but you were crying and the page was saved, curiosity got the better of me and read it. I did get to know you a little better though," said Damian.

"Oh my god what did you read?!" she asked frantically. She was scared that he read the entries from the past few days.

"Well I read the entry that you saved. The one about your gramma's death. I'm so sorry for you loss Tori. I know that we barely know each other but I am glad that I'm your friend. I promise to comfort you when you need to be. And who knows maybe I was the one that would make you feel like you're in heaven," said Damian as he gave her a smirk looking into her hazel eyes. At first Victoria looked angry at him and then her face softened. She had a smile on her face. She lunged at him giving him a tight hug, which he happily hugged her back.

"Damian Sanders, I am glad that we met," said Victoria. He smiled at her comment.

"So am I," he said as he gave her a smile.

"But don't think you are forgiven for reading my diary!" she said.

"Well you can't stay mad at me after all I'm just such a cute guy!" teased Damian!

"OH MY GOD Damian!" she yelled as she smacked him playfully on the arm.

"Hehe okay I'll stop, but how about I make it up to you by taking you out to dinner first," said Damian becoming serious. Victoria blushed and then looked into his eyes.

"I don't know you'll have to ask gramps first after all I am taking care of him and he needs me more than anyone," said Victoria.

"Bring him on then, I'll take him on if it means that I can go on a date with you," said Damian as he pulled her onto his lap.

"Aw you would do that for me?" asked Victoria.

"Of course I would," said Damian.

He held onto her as she laughed. She was finally happy. She finally felt whole and that was something truely amazing for her. As she was laughing and giggling Damian couldn't help but want to kiss her. Her lips were so intoxicating and he tried to resist the urge but in the end the urge won. So he leaned in and before either of them knew what happened his lips were on hers. It was a sweet, and delicate kiss. Not to aggressive, but not too safe. It was a kiss that made him feel like a fire was lit inside him.

Victoria was shocked. That was her first kiss, and what a kiss it was. She melted into him, as if they had become one. Once the two retreated from each other, Damian gave her a smile. She smile at him and took him into another hug. She whispered into his ear.

"Thank you Damian, for being my very own stranger..."

He smiled at her comment and replied.

"Any time my pretty lady..."

And there they sat together in each others arms. Content and happy. Nothing was better than that moment. Victoria had finally found her comfort with a stranger who inturn became the one that she had been waiting for all her life.

The end.