As I listen to the sound of the hen squawking
as a rooster attacks her to plant his ugly seed
then another and another
All I can think
is how sad it is our world has come to this
"it's rape if she says no"
The hen amongst the roosters
is just an ugly form of gang rape
Men sick with desire ganging up on one defenseless girl, accidentally beautiful
pushing her down, torturing her
pulling away her clothing
and taking her innocence—her secret, hidden desires of intimacy, saved for someone special
In the end
the tortured hen will be left for dead
and the girl will be beaten
until her last breath escapes her
This is the breakdown of society
into something much more natural
all just want, desire
This is the pathetic reality
there is only lust, greed, and hate
We will die forgotten, helpless, and beaten
Tortured, our last breaths will escape us
and then the beauty of nothingness
the soft, painless velvety blackness of death will come