Chapter One
The Plight of Our Hero

He needed a camera. A good one. But he was on a budget. Omar al Arassel was set to embark on the greatest adventure of his life, his initiation into fatherhood via the birth of his first child (a boy, no less!) and needed the right equipment to "capture the moment." Nothing would do but the "best of the best": a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II 16.7 megapixel digital SLR, no compromise. It was the cream of the crop, sporting a full-frame CMOS scanner and whatnot. Omar had a few good Canon lenses lying around from a manual model he knew he could use on it, so that base was covered. It was the camera body, the central machine he had to acquire, as his faithful companion of fifteen years had finally broken down last year.

Seeing as how this would be the single greatest event of his lifetime, Omar wanted the appropriate device.

There was but one obstacle between Omar and his precious EOS: the price tag. Weighing in at a hefty six-to-eight thousand dollars, the 1Ds Mark II was not a cheap camera. But it was as good as it could possibly get. Scanning the Internet for a deal, Omar found an astonishing, almost unbelievable price for the object of his desire: a mere two thousand dollars! With a click of the mouse, Omar was taken to where all appeared to be in order. Knowing his DVD-collecting hobby would have to take a hit in order to make the purchase, Omar unholstered his credit card and sealed the deal.

Or so he thought.