Chapter Two
An Unexpected Conversation

After a long day at his office, Omar returned home and checked his e-mail account. To his surprise, an e-mail message from was waiting for him, and it was not a receipt, but a request for "order confirmation." had never given him such a task, nor had Barnes & Noble, nor nor any other Internet store of which he could think. The message instructed Omar to call a specified phone number to confirm with a "business representative."

Omar unpocketed his Palm Treo, and dialed the number. He was given a menu to select from – learning in the process that also sold COOKING wears! Omar selected, almost warily. Something was up, but he couldn't quite put his finger one what exacting that thing was.

Finally, a human voice! "Hi, this is Jason at USA Photo Nation. Are you calling to confirm an order?"

"Yes." A calm washed over Omar. Must be a routine procedure, he thought.

"Oh-kee-doh-kee. Your order number?" Omar gave him the number. "All seems to be in order here –" There was a pause. "Sir, why would you order a camera you cannot use?"

WHAT? "I'm sorry, what was that?" Omar's breathing became heavy.

"Why would you order a camera you cannot use? This is a grey-market camera from Korea that doesn't come with an LCD screen, viewfinder, or mirror."

It didn't say that in the item description! "Um, Jason, I didn't see that anywhere on the website –"

"Look, if you'd like to upgrade to the real deal, I can pull a few strings and get you a bargain at seven thousand bucks– "

Christ, if I could afford it at THAT price, I would've ordered it from "Jason, you may not understand. My budget is not that great. I can barely manage two thousand dollars, if I'd had seven –"

"I guess you're gonna be a real Arab about it and haggle with me, huh?" Arab? How dare he bring my nationality into this! Omar listened closely – And the fucker's CHEWING GUM!

"Cancel my order now." Omar couldn't believe he had been duped like that.

"If you want to cancel your order, sir, there's a fifteen percent cancellation fee."

Jason had gone too far. "I – I –" Omar could no longer help it. He threw the Palm Treo against a wall, effectively breaking the device. No little shit talks to ME, OMAR Al ARRASEL, like THAT! Omar checked the company web-page again, and jotted down its address. It was located in Brooklyn, New York.

Omar entered his bedroom, and pulled a large case out from under the King-sized bed. Opening it, he procured the equipment he had used as a special ops-man for the U.S. Marines in the First Gulf War. An M16 Rifle, 9mm handgun, appropriate ammo, and a grenade launcher (with twelve grenades alongside it) were tightly packed inside.

If I take off now, I might have time to see the birth when I get back, Omar thought as he closed the case. He carried it out to his car, and set out for Brooklyn. He had a date with Jason and the rest of USA Photo Nation.