A/N: My hundredth piece of work to hit fictionpress! I thought as a whats the word... I'll use the word tribute to my fans I'm going to write something a little bit more similar to older fantasy poems. This is for you guys. Thanks for those who have favorited or alerted me, I really appreciate it.

Chains whip through the air
Like bolts of lightning
Freezingly quick strikes
As he continues his fighting

Paralysis is his greatest ally
Maces his greatest foe
He can stand up and conquer
All but those who dealt the hardest bows

"Ye be gone
Before a be ah striken you
Me whip been readied
Me temper be aflare'in"

Dwarven castlemaker
And not a better fighter
Ye see cross the lands

Strike quick
Strike hard
Whine and whip
Dodge and duck

"May the gods smite ye down right where you speak"
If he was a god
Smiting would be a regular occurence.