Chapter 3

The light in the train car had become almost nonexistant at this point, fading so slowly that they hadn't much realized it. So when the light on the wall flickered on, they both jumped away from each other as the soft glow washed over them. Serra glanced up at it and Thomas followed her gaze before letting his eyes fall back down upon her face, her eyes half lidded in desire and her lips parted, slightly swollen from the intense kissing. He groaned inwardly and reached his arms around her, pulling her into himself and covering her mouth with his once more.

She let out a tiny moan as his tongue delved past her lips and caressed her own, tasting her sweetness. He threaded his fingers through her hair before reaching upwards to locate the band holding her hair up, tugging gently at it until the locks fell like silk down her back. He lifted some away from her neck, breaking the kiss for a moment to make his way down to the soft flesh of her throat, planting agonizingly light kisses and nipping at the skin lightly, electing a soft gasp from Serra.

His other hand instinctively darted out, fumbling for the lock on the door before sliding it into place. Serra suddenly froze beneath him and he pulled back to look deep into her sapphire eyes.

"Do you want me to stop?" His voice was oddly calm, even to himself.

She was breathless against him, her head swimming with feelings that she'd never experienced before. She'd felt small bits of lust and desire now and again, but never anything like this.

Serra knew this was crazy. She knew that they'd only known each other for a short while.

Her fingers covered his and she gently pulled his hand up, covering her right breast and letting him feel her wild heartbeat pounding underneath.

"Make me feel something."

Thomas could swear that he felt his heart stop beating in that moment, and his mouth went dry. Why did this woman have this insane effect over him? He'd never felt anything like this before. Every woman had been simple, a quick whatever in the shadows and then they were over. He'd never been interested past that.

This woman... This woman was making him wonder what else there was going on in her mind. He wanted to get to know her, everything about her. He needed to get to know her, he felt as if he had no other choice.

Taking a deep breath, he dipped his head downward, pressing his mouth to hers gently, his hand slipping under her shirt, tracing over the bare skin of her stomach. His fingers were shaking as he pulled her closer. He knew this wasn't going to end well, but he had no other choice.

Author's Notes: Update! Holy crap! Weird. I've got plans for this story, but the characters aren't very nice to me. Can you tell I really really really like the name Thomas?