Sixes and Eights Amateur Sweethearts

Biscuit crumb, coated hair,

Rolled in the sand for hours;

Coconut powdered elbows: xoxo

Kicking her Converse to sprays and showers.

His fingers lingered by her arm

Folding in the golden light expanse.

Grazing against her skin;

Her hair prickles and her heart could just dance

Mouthing LOVE into the ocean breeze,

Her heartbeat races horseshoes and homebound.

Bathed in the summer rays, he kisses her

Amateur young Ohio sweethearts sound

Eye contact green and brown, mesh and mingle,

His laughter fills her heart!

Cookie dough and soft hard candy 3

Sweet green apples on the rocking cart.

Eight months already, it's been a journey,

Flashes of mum and dad and sis

Knowning that she's absolutely in love -

Second time's a charm, they kiss.

Standing up they brush it all away

Walking away, linking arms, together.

She is absolutely in love

He, well, he LOVEs another ...