Then he knocks on the door,
You were supposed to be done by now
But there were certain distractions.
So she rushes to finish the face
Finally deciding to leave the innocent and lost look in her eyes
Hurriedly buttoning both their tops before
Inviting him into the room

And he looks with a critical eye;
Seeing the same things as she did in the art form
Because they're both a bit in love with her by now.
But the goddess has always fallen for
Mortal men, and she'd rather be in love with him.
So he says, her portrait's been painted a little too perfectly
And she'd like to knock down that line of domino tension
Spill colour across that vacant mask but…

She holds the strings taut – it would take some sort of actual intimacy
For him to understand what a goddess can do for his baby girl.

Mortal, you will never understand.
Lust, you will never be beautiful
Innocence, your dress has been stained…