You say I made you earn it
All the times you just came back
You say it wasn't there
But I told you it wasn't love that I lack

I was afraid of the outcome
That I will admit
I am sorry you don't need me
I didn't always treat you like shit

It wasn't ongoing
Just had ups and downs
Go ahead and be pissed
I always let you be around

You learned to live without me
Something you didn't have to do
You say I didn't show it
But I did the best I could for you

I am sorry it wasn't enough
I am sorry you don't care
You don't have to ask me to take this
If you don't want me there

I never quit on our love
I don't know what is in your head
I am sorry that I fucked up
I am sorry if your heart is dead

You may have always had faith
But you don't any longer
You don't care if this works
You don't seem to want it to be stronger

I did always love you
I did the best I could
You didn't make it easy either
If I could take my past away I would

You didn't ask me to be perfect
But I wasn't good enough
So don't give me this shit
I am the one who cares about this stuff

My love was always there
That is why it remains
So you can be cold and callous
But I will always feel the same

You may not ask me to do this
You may not even want me to
But in my heart of hearts
There is only room for you

I am sorry that I love you
And want this to be great
I am sorry if you got so cold
I am sorry if I am to late

So if you don't need me
If you don't want me there
Who gives a shit
About you I will care

So be cold and callous
Don't give a shit
But this time it is you
Who seems to want to quit