Chapter 1

Who in the Hell?

The knocking on my door awoke me from my stupor of thought. I lay on the couch, a small bit of drool hanging out of my mouth. My eyes were no doubt red rimmed, and my hair a mess. The knocking came again and I swore silently to myself. Who in the fuck would be knocking on my door at this time?

I was the only one home. My mom wouldn't be back for a while. She often left for weeks at a time, for business or to spend time with her boy friend in Arizona. She would always leave plenty of food and money. I had learned to live by myself, by age 10, and now that I was 18, I hardly thought about it at all.

The knocking continued, and I growled to myself. I mumbled all the way too the door and wretched it open the words "what the fuck do you want?" dying on my lips as I saw what had arrived.

A girl probably a year younger than me stood on the steps looking frightened. She had black hair, and purple eyes, contacts I assumed. She looked wild and frightened but seemed to become a little more aware of her surroundings when she saw me.

"Who are you?" she asked alarmed.

My eyebrows rose. "You come knocking on my door and have the gall to ask who I am?" I retorted a little angrily. It was after all 3:00 in the morning.

She jumped back looking a little frightened and lost. "I am so sorry, I thought Mrs. Appleton lived here, and… I'm going to go." She said lamely.

I growled and reached out an arm to stop her. She looked up at me frightened. "Do you need some help or something, I mean you may as well come in and tell me what's wrong."

She looked up at me, she seemed so lost and confused, and traumatized, and so she nodded. I knew she must be completely beside herself if she was coming into a stranger's home. I directed her to my couch and she sat down stiffly.

I locked eyes with her. "Now tell me what's going on."

She started off slowly and without looking me in the eye, her words came out softly and numbly. "My parents went out to dinner. I was waiting for them, watching movies and stuff, I must have fallen asleep when I got a phone call from the police. " She looked up at me then. "My parents were in a car accident" she said fear tracing through every word.

I gasped. My heart welled up with sympathy for this girl I didn't even know. She continued. "I came here because Mrs. Appleton used to live here, she was my mom's visiting teacher, and she helped me once when I was little." She sighed. "I dunno, I just panicked."

I nodded thoughts swimming through my head. Should I hug her, should I send her home, should I drive her to see her parents? "So where are your parents now? Do they know how serious it is?" I finally said.

Tears welled up in her eyes. " They are in intensive care, in Albert's Medical Center. They said that I can't visit them until tomorrow, and that they were contacting some of my other relatives, and that I should go back to bed."

That was stupid I thought, inform a girl that her parents are in an accident and then expect her to just go to bed. I sat down on the couch next to her and hesitantly put my hand on her shoulder. "You can stay here as long as you want." I said slowly.

She looked as though she might refuse but then suddenly burst into tears and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and pulled her in, and just let her sit there, head on my shoulder, weeping.

She had soon enough fallen asleep. I slipped my body from under hers, and pulled a blanket up around her. She had been confused tonight. But I doubted she would like waking up on top of a strange girl. Hopefully tomorrow I could get a little more out of her. Hopefully her parents would be okay.