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Title: Torn Family Portrait

Authors: Silver Isamu and Melissa Norvell

Rating: T

Warnings: Shounen-ai, Sexual content and innuendoes, Violence, Language, Shoujo-ai


Shounen-ai: There will be boyXboy relationships. If you don't like homosexuality, then this story isn't for you. There are also a lot of shounen-ai situations and the subject is joked around with.

Shoujo-ai: GirlXGirl love, same applies as under shounen-ai.

Sexual content and Innuendoes: This is based more towards an older audience. The characters in this story make sexual jokes and talk about the subject casually. There are also romantic moments in here. We have written for quite a few chapters, and nothing sexual has popped up yet but that's not to say that it won't and I want everyone to have an understanding of that before you read any further.

Violence: There will be descriptive violence but it does not go outside of the T rating.

Language: There are characters in this that have quite a colorful vocabulary. If you're offended by cursing, stay away.

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure/Comedy/Psychological/Mystery/Angst/Drama

Pairings: Shounen-ai, Shoujo-ai and Hetero

Summary (long)- Koji seems like a tough and happy 15 year old boy who has it all, but when you look closer at the picture you can clearly see that he has nothing. Living with only his mother and father to look over is all he really needs, but what happens when his mother is torn away from him…Forever? And his father is not like he seems? Searching for his family that's only in his visions might be what he was looking for. (Summary Provided by Silver Isamu)

Summary: For 15 year old Koji, every picture no matter how perfect has its rips, tears and cracks. Koji must try and piece together his past while avoiding ninja and an abusive father to make this picture whole again. Shounenai Shoujo-ai and Hetero Pairings. Co written with Melissa Norvell. (Summary provided by Melissa Norvell)

Characters That Are © Melissa Norvell





Zangetsu (Geo)






Torn Family Portrait

By: Silver Ismau

In Collaboration With: Melissa Norvell

Chapter 1: Meet Koji

The tardy bell rang just as the blue haired boy was rounding the corner. His feet ran as fast as they could carry him as he made his way to his locker. He was late for class once again and was hoping that by some fleeting chance he could have made it there.

"Dah!" The frustrated boy cried out in dismay. "I knew I should have gotten up when father went to work!"

The boy rummaged through his locker hurriedly and grabbed the essential objects for class, slamming the door shut and turning to bolt off down the hall, only to be met with the brown fabric of a suit of sorts. The child almost ran smack into this figure whose presence seemed to loom over him like a heavy burden. And for adequate reason, he had just found the principal.

"Aah!" He screamed both in fright and realization that he would soon be serving detention.

"Nice to see you finally arrived, Mr. Gyou and a good morning as well," the principal replied calmly, straightening his glasses.

His Principal looked as casual as ever with his reply to the child's scream. He was always at a laid-back pace. He wore a suit of brown with a white shirt underneath and a long black tie, looking like the stereotypical principal. He had short, blood red hair and matching eyes that were framed with coke-bottle frames, making him look as if he were a few centuries behind everyone, and like a nerd at that.

"Good morning Mr. Hountake," the blue haired child began nervously. "You see, I overslept and my father had to go to the office early this morning and I-"

His excuses were cut short by Hountake. "Save the excuses for those who are incompetent. You are smart, Mr. Gyou. Live up to your highest abilities. Now, care to walk with me to your classroom? I'm your substitute for the day. You have English, right?" Red orbs glanced at the book the male had been carrying loosely under his arm.

The boy nodded.

"Shall we?" The principal questioned as they both proceeded to the classroom.

The late teen looked around the hallway in deep thought. 'Hmmm, maybe she's already in class, she always tends to be early…' He mused about one of his female classmates as they both walked in the door of the classroom. Students were up and at each other's desks, talking up a storm.

"Sit down everyone; we have a lot to cover today." Hountake began in his usual authoritive tone as the students took their seats.

The cobalt haired young man sat down in his seat and opened his book. 'Another day in this class…How boring!' He thought in exasperation as he folded his arms over his chest, looking pouty as he brooded in his seat for a few brief moments as Hountake started to explain the day's assignment.

"Today, we are going to do an assignment project." Only his lesson was interrupted by the classroom door being suddenly flung open by a girl with short, blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a sailor fuku and panting from a brisk run.

"I'm not late!" She yelled her satchel in one hand and book in the other, and then looked at the class who were staring at her in unison and sweat dropped. "Or not…"

"Well, on time…As usual…Miss Harumei, please join us."

"Uh…" the girl stammered putting a hand behind her head in nervous reaction. "Yes sir!" She was already embarrassed with her entrance and the fact that she was late, so the principal being in the classroom to catch her at the act was even worse. She felt stupid.

"Hiya, Kaya!" The blue haired boy perked up at his classmate as she walked past him, sitting in the seat across from him. "Suddenly this class just got interesting!" He joked.

"Don't remind me…I made a total ass of myself." Kaya growled after flopping down in her desk as class began and the voice of the principal could be heard giving instructions of some kind to the students.

"Yeah, I've had that same experience this morning." He replied.

"You were late too, Koji?" the blonde asked.

"Yeah, but compared to you, I was early." Koji smiled as the irritated girl crossed her arms and growled at him.

Koji chuckled in reply, "What held you up?"

"I was playing tennis and forgot the time. But I totally beat that guy who thought he could win me over. It was easy," She bragged with a wave of her hand, "no sweat. Even if it made me late…I still won."

"Nice!" the boy remarked. "I overslept. Father had to work early this morning, put two and two together and you get late."

"Actually, you get four," Kaya replied. "So what's our assignment for today?"

Koji sighed in annoyance. "Beats me…"

"You mean you don't know what our assignment is?" Anger shot through round, blue orbs.

"No! I'm talking to you…Hello! Not listening to Principal/Teacher here!" Koji replied matter-a-factly.

"You didn't have to be smartass about it." Kaya huffed.

"Fine, sorry."

"Okay get into your groups of three." The principal finished, turning from the blackboard back to the class.

"What?" Kaya shot up and slammed her hands on the desk in outrage as the boy beside her let out a nervous laugh. The blonde leapt over her desk and began to beat him up.

"Ow!" Koji called out in pain as he was being assaulted by Kaya's fists of fury.

"I can't believe we missed the assignment because you wouldn't shut up!" She accused.

"Hey, you were talking as much as I was!" He defended himself.

"Well, you have a bigger mouth then I do!" The blonde fought back, still throwing in a few punches to scold him.

"Do not!"

"Well, seems like you two would love to be in a group together…So you can fail twice as much for not listening." The principal chimed in.

"Wait until break…" Kaya crossed her arms and gave Koji the death glare, threatening him with more punches as the injured boy rubbed his bruises.

"Just find someone else who was listening, I said groups of three." Hountake told the two.

Just then, Koji was tapped on the shoulder by small, feminine hands with pink painted nails. With a 'huh' he turned around to face a young girl. She was wearing her traditional school attire and had a large curly afro with a big pink bow on the side. Her eyes were almond shaped, but large and lavender in coloration and jewelry adorned her hands and ears.

She stuttered a moment, and in a shy and nervous voice spoke to him.

"H-hi…If it's not too much trouble c-can I-I be on your team?"

The blonde gave her a what-the-hell look. Kaya didn't know why anyone would want to be either shy or afraid of Koji.

"Sure!" He replied happily. "Fine with me!" Koji then looked to his forced team mate for an affirmation. "What about you?"

"Yes, yes it is!" The strange girl said.

"Someone's a bit too happy…" Kaya replied, that look still plastering her features. She looked as if she were mulling the matter over in her head for a few minutes before she gave up on trying to understand it completely. "Whatever, I don't care."

"Great!" The happy boy beamed. "Um, heh, Trista…What are we doing in groups?"

The shy girl, now introduced as Trista blushed slightly. "Oh, we're playing a quiz game over The Samurai and The Priestess. We have to get into groups and study the questions. Then he'll call on us and we have to answer the questions without looking at our notes. If you answer them wrong, points are taken away. Whoever has the most points gets 10 bonus points on the actual quiz."

"Er, okay. How fun!" Koji replied. "I didn't read it…"

Trista sweat dropped and Kaya's expression grew in annoyance.

"What do you mean you didn't read it? You better get to readin' it if you want those bonus points. You're going to die extra hard during break if you don't get these questions right." The blonde held up her fists in a threatening way to the boy.

"Fine!" He exclaimed, throwing up his hands in defense. "I just haven't had time with my busy schedule after school with all my TV shows on."

This only insulted Kaya further. "How do you ever expect to pass? You're such a loser!"

Trista watched the two argue back and fourth as Koji grumbled in irritation.

"I can't miss my shows!"

A round blue eye twitched in impatience. "You put your dumb old shows before your grades?"

"Fine. I'll read it." The blue haired boy huffed.

"Kinda too late for that now! It was actually a good story, even if you weren't too lazy to read it." The irritable female growled.

"Oh, yes." Trista agreed. "It was a very good story, especially if you like love stories."

"Oh jeez!" Koji called out, not wanting to hear anymore. "But I guess better late then never."

"What do you mean "oh jeez"?" You act like it's horrible!"

"All that "love" ain't teaching us nothing but how much we should pine over someone when it really ends up hurting." The boy replied.

"What would you know about love?" Kaya put her hands on her hips, and then she smirked. "You've probably never even had a girlfriend."

"Aw!" The boy growled. "I know enough…"

"Lame!" Kaya retorted.

"Oh, come on guys." Trista's soft voice spoke, trying to calm to two feuding teenagers. "Don't fight. We're supposed to be on a team."

"Well, she-" Koji began, but stopped in mid-sentence, knowing that if he continued his problems would only escalade. He then sighed in defeat. "Never mind, you're right…"

The girl smiled in victory, satisfied that the male's silence caused her to win the argument. 'Ha! Gotcha twerp!'

The blue-haired male sighed again. "Anyway…Let's do this…I'll read what I can while helping you guys, then I'll help you after I finish reading a chapter or about a half…"

"Fine, whatever. Lazy…" the blonde's head turned the other way, her shoulder length short hair followed her movement, flying out an extra inch and landing on her shoulder as the shy girl nodded.

Koji grabbed a copy of the book and began to read it as they studied for their quiz. Each group was given some time to cram multiple answers on the pieces of paper that they had. Kaya's group barely got done because Koji was whining and being stubborn. Soon after, it was time to answer questions and the group was even more discombobulated then before, rushing around and looking through three papers. By the time the team had found the answers, another team had already answered it.

At a time like this, Kaya had wished she hadn't tried to cram so many answers on to a little sheet of paper. She could hardly find them and the text was written bunched up and way too small. At one point in time, Koji had thought he had the right answer, but read an answer to a totally different question, which earned him a smack in the head by the blonde girl.

If it weren't for Trista, the team wouldn't have any points at all. Needless to say, they ended up failing the exam miserably.


During break, Kaya was on the rampage. Koji had caused them to loose their bonus points because of his lack of participation and the boy knew this. He definitely didn't want to run into her at a time like this. Now was definitely not the time to choose cartoons over school work.

"Can't believe we failed because of you!" the angry girl pointed at him in accusation, rage filling her eyes as she swung her satchel around. The brown object hit him and he flew off into the distance. "You jerk! I told you I'd beat you up on break!"

"Ah!" The boy flew off into the distance, only to return a moment later, whining.

"Now I won't be able to go to the tennis tournament…Because I'm ineligible!" She shouted in rage. "You are so dead, Koji!"

"Sorry!" He begged. "Wanna eat?"

This threw the angry female off a little. After the mental lapse, she pointed her finger at him again. "How dare you ask me if I want to eat after you make me beat you up?"

"I-I'll eat with you K-Koji?" Trista's small, shaky voice asked politely.

"Okay!" The blue haired male was eager to agree. He wanted to get away from Kaya before she abused him any more. "Let's go before I'm the main course!" He quickly grabbed her hand, causing a small blush from the girl as he took off running, dodging the students walking to their next class.

Kaya stood in the hall, arms crossed, looking like a femme fatale and eye twitching in irritation. "Hmpf!" She stuck her nose in the air and walked off. 'Well, I didn't want to eat with blush girl and dipstick anyway!'

After they were a few feet away and certain that the rampaging Kaya wasn't behind them, the pair stopped and Koji sighed in relief.

"Whew! That was so close!" The happy boy looked to the blushing girl's lunch box. "Whatcha got there?"

"Oh…I-It's just bento. Do you want some?" Trista asked.


She held the boxed lunch out to him. "Here…"

The boy took some and ate it in a couple of bites, savoring the rich taste. "Hmmm! That's good!" He complimented. "Thanks!"

"Don't eat all of her food! You pig!" A familiar, insulting voice called from a few feet away.

"I'm not! I just ate some! And where did you come from?!" The panicked and whiny male voice almost shrieked.

"The bathroom. Why?" It was Kaya.

"He's not causing any harm. Really." Trista said. She didn't like violence and didn't want to see Koji get beaten up again.

"Just asking…" The boy said, just as he was saved by the bell sounding off for the next class.

"Come on, dipstick." The blonde sighed.

"Okay, fine. Trista? Ya comin'?" He smiled at the shy girl, and she nodded as they walked off to class.

To Be Continued…

A/N: That was chapter one. Not much happened but we'll be getting more into the plot in chapter 2. There will be suspense and action, and we'll find out that Koji's character isn't as happy and oblivious as you know him as here.

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