This is just a story I started, I think it came out pretty good, um, for those of you that don't get it, it's supposed to make you think and figure out what's going on, well hope you like it!

Chap 1: Faint

I could feel something under me, something soft. I ran my hand over what felt like sheets. My head dug into the same soft material that was under my body. All I saw was darkness, I couldn't open my eyes. All I heard a mixture of noises. I heard beeping, and people talking all at once, some I think were even crying. I felt sore, like something hard had just slammed against me. I could also feel little sharp pains piercing me, like something was poking into my skin. I tried to open my eyes, but it was no use. They were determined to stay shut.

"Do you think she'll make it!?" A shaky voice seemed to ask, clearly hiding some sort of sadness.

"I'm not sure, we'll do all we can for her, but the condition she's in shows no promises if she will or not," A very mature, yet emotionless voice seemed to throw this burden onto them. My mind scrambled. I tried to think what had just happened. However for some reason I drew a complete blank, not at the incident I was trying to remember, but everything!

I didn't have amnesia. I could remember my mother, father, my family, my….my friends. However for some reason I could only recall certain things, like someone had taken my memories and switched them around so I could only remember certain events Almost like there was something my mind didn't want me to remember.

"We should go, it's getting late, we'll be back first thing in the morning," Said the same sorrowful voice as before.

"Yes," Another voice of a women, who had obviously been crying for sometime, said.

"Get some rest honey, we'll be here first thing, please try and get well," A soothing and sweet breath whispered in my ear. I felt a pressure on my head, but there was no body warmth to it. I laid there motionless as the feeling left from the top of my head.

"Get some rest honey, we'll be here first thing, please try and get well," Now a more manly, yet caring voice whispered this time. This time the pressure on my head had warmth to it, I could feel fingers running through my hair. Slowly the object fled from my scalp. I tried to say something back, but lips refused to move. I heard footsteps getting farther until finally a door closing behind them.


I awoke in the middle of the night to a noise, a sweet slow noise. almost like a song from a music box. I forced my eyes to open. I was in a room, completely dark, everything pitch black. My head moved slightly to the door where the noise was coming from. I saw a light coming from the hall through the cracks of the door. Someone was humming, a child, along with the tune of the song.

"Do you like the song?" The young voice asked from the hallway. My lips still would not budge, My head slightly nodded against the pillow my head was apparently on. The door opened slowly a crack. A shadow was cast onto the floor to that of a human figure, but there was no figure standing in the door way. The light lit up the room so that I could see. I was in a Hospital room, but it was still so hard to make things out.

"Do you have a music box too?" The voice, which I could now tell was a little boy's voice asked, I simply shook my head.

"Yes you do!" the ghostly voice giggled. I saw drops of blood trickling down from where the child's 'body' was, onto the floor. The music was getting to me. I could start to feel myself falling into a deep sleep once again.


I found myself floating in complete darkness, there was nothing around me, nothing under me, nothing anywhere. Where was I? Was I dreaming?

"What's your name child?" A mysterious voice echoed from the dark.

"Kari…" My mouth was actually willing to cooperate with me.

"Do you know why you are here, Kari?"

"No….No I don't…" Why was I here? Why was I seeing strange things? Why wasn't I afraid? And most important of all, why couldn't I remember anything?


"KARI! KARI! WAKE UP!" My eyes flew open to blurred visions from a frantic voice.

"Kari thank god! I thought you died!" The voice yelled full of relief as a pair of strong and loving arms surrounded me. My vision began to clear. I was in a room with pure white walls, and off white floors. A light yellow couch in the corner with a tall women, who was very slim, had long dark brown hair with emerald green eyes filled with tears, but a huge smile on her face. I knew she was my mother. I was in a bed, with white blanket, and I'm sure white sheets and pillow to match.

"I'm fine dad," I mumbled as I stared down at his light tan skin and how it seemed to wrap around his strong muscles.

"She may need some more rest," I looked over at the figure from which the cold voice had come from. A figure in a white over coat, with black pants and dress shoes, he had pale skin, almost as if he'd never seen the sun, and light grey hair slicked back, with some bangs that hung in front of his face.

"But she just got up!" My father held me closer, never wanting to let me go.

"Yes, well she is a special case, she'll need all the rest she can get, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you and your wife to leave please." I looked up to see my father nod, he kissed me on the top of my head and slowly headed for the door with my mother right behind.

"We'll be back tomorrow honey," My mother said in the sweet voice I could always remember. I slowly nodded as the door closed them from my sight.

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask, my name is Dr.Ohari" He spoke as he stared deeply into my eyes, showing no emotion at all. He seemed like he was the kind of person to get strait to the facts.

"Um…just one thing! Uh…What…Why am I here?"

"You were hit by an on coming vehicle, you suffered severe damage to the rib cage and the skull."

"Oh…thank you…" Having no reaction, he simply left the room, slamming the door behind him.


Hours seemed to just keep ticking by, and I was bored as anything. Watching reruns on TV could only entertain a person for so long. I decided to take a look around the hospital. I slowly crawled out of my bed, trying to ignore all the little pains my body was feeling. I dragged my IV stand with me. I slowly stumbled over to a mirror on the other side of the room as my first stop. I looked horrible!

I looked like someone had just over dosed me one drugs, and I was sleep deprived for a thousand years. Which was weird because I did nothing but sleep since I was in the hospital. The sparkle in my teal eyes was fading, with deep dark lines under them. Scratches covered me from head to chin. My once tan skin looked pale, like someone dead…like a ghost. My chestnut brown hair was messed up with strands going every which way. I looked at my pale, almost white hands, they were covered in stitches and bandages.

"Hey! You shouldn't be out of bed!" My head jerked up at a sudden voice coming from the door way, there a lightly colored nurse with long silky blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes was staring at me nervously.

"Sorry…" I muttered as I slowly made my way back into my bed.

"Oh, no the floors all dirty," She said disappointedly. I looked down to see little drops of blood from where I was standing.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'll clean it up for you," I tried to put some emotion in it, but for some reason, I had trouble just talking.

"No no! You need your rest, I'll go get a mop!" She quickly zipped out of the room. While she was gone, I searched every last inch of my body to see where the blood had come from. I wasn't bleeding anywhere, no open wounds or anything. I looked back at the puddle of blood in front of the mirror. What was going on? I could hear voices, I had trouble remembering things, I was bleeding when I shouldn't have been, I was seeing what I think are ghosts. Am I just imagining things? Was this place haunted or something? Is there someone who can help me?

"Well I see we had a little accident," I looked up to see Dr.Ohari standing above me.

"But I have no open wounds…" I said puzzled and confused, and for the first time that I've been here, I saw some emotion on him, he seemed concerned, but concerned of what?

"Yes, well maybe you should get back to sleep, you're parents will be here in the morning, we'll take care of the blood," His hand gently ran up and down the top of my head, I could feel my eyelids slowly shutting, till all I could see was the inside of my eyelids.

"Is it something you can't remember, or something you don't want to remember?"

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