Laugh, Love, Live, and Learn

They come by bus and by boat;
Some new, some who've been before.
Campers heading for Laketrails
Now stand at adventure's door.

Arriving on the island
To shouts and drums and bells.
Fr Bill helped found the camp;
Hear the history he tells.

Meeting guides and campers,
New faces and old.
Picking out canoe trips,
See what tomorrow will hold.

Set out on the trail
Paddling along.
Duffers entertain those in bow and stern
By singing them a song.

Nights spent in tents on islands.
Days spent out in canoes.
Cook meals over campfires.
Have fun is what we do.

Reaching our destination
Doesn't make the trip.
Half the fun is getting to know
Those we travel with.

So we return to basecamp
And soon the week is done.
We pack our bags, boat to shore,
And we're on our way home.

The birds sing their chorus at dawn,
No campers there to hear.
They've left these islands for a time,
But they'll be back next year.